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Jim: Part 4

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First off, I want to congratulate LowOnSoap, BounciBug, and k8e12311 for winning last week's contest. These Whyvillians spotted Jim lurking around muttering something like "The fat cat walks alone." LowOnSoap being the first to correctly give me the information that you needed in order to win, she won the top prize of 100 clams. BounciBug and k8e12311 will both be awarded 50 clams each.

Now, why Jim was lurking around muttering things about a fat cat we do not know. What we DO know though, is that Jim is back and here for revenge *gulp* revenge against me . . . uh oh!

Well. Some of the BBS users were HORRIFIED to hear that Jim somehow got back into Whyville. We devised a some what surprise attack to find out more information on Jim, at none other than the creepo's mother's house. Yes that's right. We went to . . . Grandma's.

At first that old lady wouldn't let us in, but we so weakened her.

Once we got inside, we immediately started asking her questions as to WHY her child was behaving the way he was.

Once she told us, it all made a little more sense . . .

But then, he came. We didn't think he would, but he did. Jim came.

All the BBS users got so scared that they fled. I don't blame them. It's Jim we are talking about here for goodness sake. Well, I was deserted and had to face Jim alone.

It was just me and Jim. Jim and me. This could have very well been the end of me, but then I saw them. They came into Grandma's house as if out of thin pixilated air and they stood beside me. I never thought I would be so glad as to see them . . .

Who are these mysterious Whyvillians that came to my aid? Well, let's just say you have to tune in next week to find out.


Author's Note: A big thanks goes out to katzrule3, newmoon13, maiapia, dogz9909, WarusGu, Janet34, mylo9810, MrsCharm, and UncleGhost for taking the time to come to Grandma's house at the scheduled time to participate in this comic. If you were there but not on the thank you list, it was probably because you didn't y-mail me after so I could get you down, but if you were there and I missed you, then please notify me and I will thank you in the BBS.


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