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A Second Chance: Part Eight

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I growled angrily as Mariposa leapt forth for my throat. Leslie was just a second too late in restraining her, and I stopped her mid flight. I held her in the air by her throat, and Desiree leapt up and mangled her, holding her by her hair in flight. I loved the violence from my day old daughter, how she was already as good a fighter as my legendary sister, Celeste.

Desiree held Mariposa, broken and mangled, and stared at her victoriously. Joshua leapt up and snatched the suffering woman, drinking up all of the energy from her he could get. Desiree and Aimee fought him for it, and they all ended up having to share. Josh and Leslie sighed as they dropped a suffering Mariposa on the ground. I left the room with my most formidable army consisting of my children, my "sister" Aimee, Joshua, Leslie, and a limping Mariposa. Tonight we would challenge them. Tonight they would perish.


Mom walked ahead, and we walked in a V formation. She took off running, as did Dad and Leslie, and then Mariposa and I ran. Aimee and Joshua were behind us, keeping pace easily, as we approached the massive gray mansion. We stayed in the back to make sure we were better protected, so we had the advantage.

A beautiful girl, who looked like Mom, leapt up in the air from behind the trees and landed just next to me. She snarled and hissed in rage as I whipped around and crashed into her. I took flight, shooting a beam of fire from my palm. She dodged it and seemed to leap up the rocks Aimee tossed at her until she was flying, level with me.

I spun around her until she lunged at me, teeth bared and dripping with a pale white substance. Joshua and Aimee hissed behind her and she turned around to get them. I grabbed her, ripping one of her arms off, and she turned and bit me. I felt a stinging sensation in my arm, then a throbbing. The pain shot through my arm in seconds, and soon enveloped my entire body. She had no time to rip me to shreds as I suffered, I fell to the ground and a flame shot up around me. It surrounded me, keeping me safe, and I lay there, shrieking and squirming in agony. I felt Dad at my side and I screamed louder than ever before. Was this how I was going to die?

I opened my eyes and saw nothing. I no longer heard or felt anything but the throbbing, the pain shooting everywhere. The blackness frightened me, and I screamed, but heard nothing. I couldn't take this anymore! I was dying, I couldn't hear, see, feel, taste, anything! Then the most horrible pain of it all surrounded me. I felt my arm tear off, then my other arm and my legs. I screamed again, the pain rippling and licking at everything in my body. I tried to move, but couldn't tell if I succeeded. I shrieked again, my sight returned ever so slightly, enough that I could see figures. I heard breathing, and the thoughts of my family again. I went off of what Aimee saw of Celeste as the poison slowly dripped from my system. I grabbed at Celeste, who bit me again and again, then ran away. I was growing immune to this! It was a one time effect!

But then I fell to the ground and was surrounded by darkness again. I was going to die this way, missing a few limbs. I felt poison on my skin, cold to me. Nothing was ever cold to me. Nothing. This was bad. This was very bad.


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