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The Epidemic Spreads

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The Epidemic Spreads

Dr. Leila
Times Writer

Have you noticed something in the wind? No, I'm not talking about Valentine's Day, although it *might* have something to with that.... I mean something silent, microscopic, and altogether unhealthy!

My fellow scientists at Whyville's Center for Disease Control (located on the third floor of the City Hall building) tell me they have been tracking Whyville's very first infectious disease over the past few days. This new disease, now known all over town as the "Why-Pox" has symptoms that include irritation of the nasal mucous membrane -- resulting in explosive, spasmodic involuntary actions (a.k.a. sneezing fits) -- and swelling contusions of the bright red variety.

If this infection were to progress unchecked, Whyville may face an epidemic of tremendous proportions -- but that's just a theory right now.

The folks at the CDC need your help to establish the difference between theory and fact! They need you to gather all the data that you can about this strange illness and bring it to their office at City Hall. There you can use the information you've collected, along with the CDC's disease-tracking technology, to figure out the parameters of the infection, model the growth of contamination, and predict where it's going next.

To encourage citizens to join them in this effort (as if being threatened by a strange and unknown disease wasn't enough motivation!), the city is offering large awards to the most skilled "epidemiologists" -- that's people who study epidemics. There are salary raises involved, even free Why-Passes!

Well, I for one don't look forward to getting sick! I'll be in bed drinking plenty of fluids if anybody needs me... oh, what? You say this is a "virtual" disease? I can't get sick? But, what about my computer? Oh, that's safe too?

But... but... my beautiful Whyville face! All spotted and marked!?

Citizens! We have to stop this plague before it goes too far! Visit the Whyville CDC to learn more today.

Let's get this thing!

Dr. Leila Gonzalez
Whyville Science Advisor



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