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Jim: Part 7

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So far we only have one winner for the contest last week so I am extending it to this week. If you see the MysticalW y-mail me with the date, time, and place that you saw her . . . and what she said. First person to mail me gets 100 clams, second gets 50 clams, and third gets 25. Good luck!

Jim was taking a hostage! What could we do? How could we ever survive in this odd world?

Once Jim, the MysticalW, and msmooer were gone, we were all left afraid and alone, terrified of what would happen next. We were all shaking in our boots, when starry400 piped up and said something . . .

Apparently, starry400 used to date Jim and he took her to Ellivyhw many times. She broke up with him over y-mail though . . .

We debated for a few moments whether to leave msmooer there or go on a search for her . . . luckily - I mean unfortunately we decided to leave Elivyhw through the portal.

Once we all returned to Whyville safe and sound, we knew we had to pay a visit too . . .


Author's Note: Thank you all the same people as last week. Sorry that the article was so short this week, I had baseball games every single day and didn't have much free time. Also, my apologies to those of you who y-mailed me asking to be in the article . . . some of you have been waiting a while and I appreciate your cooperation. I have to ask that no more people request to be in the article now because I am good for people for a while, sorry again.


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