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Walkerton: A Canadian Tragedy

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Walkerton: A Canadian Tragedy

Guest Writer

An outbreak of an unknown disease has come to the United States! Oh my gosh! We must do something!! THAT is the attitude of most people on Whyville right now. I don't have a problem with that, but there's one thing that bothered me about Whyville trying to "inform" people.

I've been on Whyville for a long time, and last year there was an outbreak of E. coli in Walkerton, ON (in Canada.. durr). Whyville did absolutely nothing to educate citizens about it, even though a lot of children had to go home from school because they were throwing up.

How long has the rash been out in the States? A week? Two weeks? After a week, a three-year-old died in Walkerton and Whyville didn't do a thing. We only found out a day after just about every person in Walkerton drank the infected water. Nearly everyone in Walkerton was infected; seven people died and it sent all of Ontario into a scare.

I hope this article will open the eyes of City Management so that they might care about other countries too.


Note from City Hall:

Hello Diesel,

Point well taken!

Just so you know, we actually designed the CDC and planned to launch the current Why-Pox situation before the rashes broke out in the U.S. The outbreak just so happened on the SAME day that we put up the CDC. It was just such a coincidence that we naturally had to connect it to Whyville!

City Hall



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