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A Second Chance: Part 11

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Alice was at home, crying, as I darted through the woods with my son right behind me. I skidded to a stop, and he stopped just feet behind me. "You lied to Aimee," I accused. He nodded once. "Why?" He shrugged. "She wouldn't let me leave, she's so much faster than me, and she would have followed me and stopped me. I'll make it up to her, I'll marry her and let Desiree plan the wedding," he said. I sighed in response, staring him dead in the eye. "I still haven't married your mother, and I've got you and Desiree," I noted. He shrugged again, my son was so easily bored that it drove me insane.

I ripped him to shreds before Celeste's poison could kill him, and left him in shreds for a moment. I heard Aimee's mind, she sobbed and cried. Alice's crying was so musical, her tears falling on the floor were the beat with which the lyrics met. I listened for a while, so engrossed in her sadness, it overwhelmed me. Hours passed and the blood and poison still emptied from his limbs. Desiree already bled out her remaining blood, so I hadn't had to worry about that. I didn't have to worry about Desiree trying to find us, either. She turned and fled back when she no longer heard us. I heard the musical footwork that could only have been Alice or Desiree, and I immediately darted off into the forest. If it was Aimee, she would have caught me by now, so I was grateful. I leapt up into the branches of a tree and watched Alice run by, her hair in a straight line behind her.

"Why are you hiding from me?" I jumped at the melodic voice that was right behind me. I didn't answer, and Alice pushed me out of the tree. "Joshua Edward Matthews, answer me!" She shrieked angrily. "Alice, go away!" I hissed. She jumped on my back, and I flipped over. She was laying with her chest on mine, and I pushed her off. "Josh!" Alice hissed angrily. "Go away, Alice!" I shouted bitterly. I didn't want to hurt her, but Joshua was right about hurting them so they wouldn't follow. I stood up, and her eyes flared a bright red. I gasped and stepped back, hands up. "Alice, I don't love you. Just go back to Aimee, Desiree, and Celeste!" I hissed angrily. She flinched in agony, her eyes tearing up. "I'm sorry. You should have listened to me," I growled. "Celeste took off right after you did," she whispered coldly, and the wind hissed by and she went with it. I stood there, still, for a moment, as I listened to her thoughts. Pain, agony, confusion, love, rejection, longing, misery. Her emotions swept over me, and I turned to chase her. But I stopped at my son's body parts, which had stopped dripping. The sun rose over the horizon, and I put him back together. He turned and dashed off, going back to his Aimee.

I wasn't going back today.


I cried for hours and hours, holding the Immortality Charm of the love of my life. I sat out in the front yard, laying in the grass and staring at the sun as it moved. It went by slowly, and when it set, I knew Josh wasn't coming back. I screamed in agony, a scream that hurt even my own ears, and the ground beneath me quivered. I sat up and pounded my fists against a rock, letting it crack and give away between my punches. When I pounded the rock to rubble, I sobbed in the heartbreak that was overwhelming me. I was laying in the grass again, staring at the night sky and each star in it. Tears flooded my eyes as I screamed in pain again. I was in no physical pain anymore, I was dying of a broken heart. I heard footsteps that were approaching quickly, but it was just Joshua. I leapt up and went in the direction Celeste went, following her scent to the home I shared with her months ago. She waited for me out front as I approached, about to ask her to kill me. I stopped and held my hands horizontally to my sides, tears flowing from my eyes. Celeste smiled a wide, toothy grin, and ran to my side.

"You're ready to die? To give up your Josh? Your children and your Aimee?" Celeste breathed into my ear. I nodded and sighed. Celeste pressed her teeth to my neck and bit down. I smiled in satisfaction as the poison seeped into my body. I could feel it's path of destruction that it was carving into my veins, how it was turning me to stone. She pushed more into my body, then air that had become toxic, to push it through me quicker. The emotional pain of the loss of Josh was far worse than Celeste's poison. I fell to the ground, staring up into the dark nothing. I closed my eyes, it seemed silly to die with them open, as Celeste's poison slowly took my life.

"Josh, can you hear me?" I thought. "Yes, Alice, perfectly clearly," he thought back coldly. "I love you. I love you. I love you! I'm dying now, so what does it matter? You don't love me anymore, so will you at least go home to them and take care of them?" I asked through my thoughts. "What do you mean you're dying?" Josh thought bitterly. "I'm letting Celeste poison me. I already let her. I thought you didn't love me, I thought you were leaving and never coming back," I thought brokenly. "Alice, no! I love you so much, Alice! I love you, Alice! I want to marry you, I want you to be mine forever! Alice, you're dying for nothing!" Josh thought back bitterly. "I'm dying because I thought you didn't love me. I'd rather die than live without your love!" I thought angrily. A ripple of pain shot through my body, and I felt the darkness close in around me. "I love you, Alice! Where are you? I don't want you to die!"

I couldn't think anymore. I choked mentally. "I love you, Josh. It's too late. Come back to me. I want to at least die in your arms." I thought softly. I heard his mumble in my head, knowing it was another I love you. I smiled, or at least tried, and exhaled.

The last thing I felt was a head on my chest and a soft grip on my hand before I faded into the oblivion of a night that would last forever, where I could dream of Josh and I for an eternity.

Where there was no pain. No sorrow. No life.


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