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The Many Faces of Whyville

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If you haven't noticed, Whyville is filled with millions of children that have their own unique talents and personalities. Children and adults that grow from all around the world are linked together by their computers to be one in our little community called Whyville. From the campaigning of our three terrific Senators to the common Newbie, we are all Whyvillians just the same. We create one Whyville family, made up of many faces.

Whyville is filled of children and adults from all around the globe! From North America, to Canada, to Mexico, then down under to Australia, we are all kids just the same and the future of the world. We will grow in this world together and one day, join hands together, despite our race, our heart, or our knowledge. But we will always remember where our childhood started, right here in our little world of Whyville.

MeetTerry, Terry, resided in South Korea for two to three months! After asking him what he liked most about South Korea, he responded that he loved the good culture. His favorite feature of this unique place was the Buddhist temples. Terry would like everyone to know that he is not Buddhist.

PureLies, Becca, vacationed in Europe for one week. What she found most interesting about Europe was the strategy used at grocery stores. Becca said that to use a shopping cart, you must insert 50 cents worth of euros, European currency. When you are done using your cart, your 50 cents would be returned to you when you return your cart. One unique feature of Europe that fascinated both Becca and I were the old fashion wooden windmills. These windmills were actually homes to some citizens. The citizens that occupied the windmills slept sitting up in belief that dark spirits would haunt them.

One of my favorite features of Whyville is the Whyville Times. The Whyville Times is our very own newspaper where we can be updated on the newest trends, read reviews about a new movie or book, read some of the best poetry written, express our deepest thoughts or our feelings on a designated topic. You can express yourself through the Times and learn from more experienced writers. This newspaper has set high standards and breeds the best of Whyville's writers.

Ocean10kv, Kelsey, is one of the popular Time writers. When asking Kelsey about her time as a Whyville Times Writer she said, "My first accepted article was called "Create a Doodle" in the week of August 24, 2008. I had tried many times before to get articles accepted but none were. From there on, I decided to continue writing articles on drawing. After a while I decided to write one on Internet safety. I started a series in the Creative Writing section called "All With A Key", but I never finished it. I've also had some Entertainment, Hot Topics, People, and Why-History articles. I would have to say that my most popular article(s) have been the Jim series. I did win the trophy I'm wearing for writing an article about my time in Whyville during the month of March."

Another writer that I found fascinating to write about is Morganna. After two years on Whyville and gaining interest in the Whyville Times, Morganna began to write poetry, which she "accumulated quite an impressive collection of poems for a 13-year-old". Creative writing "clicked" to Morganna in first grade, and it has always been one of her interests. Eventually, her hard worked on poetry was recognized, after writing her poem "Bring Peace to the Middle East", and she became a well-known author in the Whyville Times. One of her pieces, "An Open Heart Is Only So Far Away", was nominated for the Poetry Prize. She has high hopes that she will be nominated again in the future and hopes she will be "fortunate enough to win an award at some point". The Whyville Times has "sparked and nourished" Morganna's interest in journalism and has played a very important role in Morganna's growing as a writer. "The Times is such a special place for young writers to kindle an interest in writing," Morganna said, "and it allows them to learn and grow as readers, critics, and writers." The wrap up the interview, Morganna concluded, "It warms my heart to see the swelling participation of writers--new and old--in the Times with each issue."

Melsey6, Ciaobella, and drtanner are the names of our elected senators. These three popular Whyville citizens battled against other hopeful citizens to win the title of Whyville Senator. Whyville was FULL avatars that carried signs saying VOTE VOTE VOTE! When the March 15th Times issue arrived on our door step, fresh off the press on a Sunday evening, City Hall presented us with our newest leaders.

After running into Melsey6 at Woods, I said: "What the hay! Let's get some input!"

Melsey6, Mel, is a Whyville Senator and has been visiting Whyville for 854 days! She officially joined Whyville on August 16th, 2006. She makes face parts, is a Gold Street Team Member, a Y-Mail Helper, and earns a whopping 181 salary! When asking Mel about her career as a Senator on Whyville she said the best part about being a senator is "the possibility of making changes". Well, Mel, how did you earn this position? She answered that she got her name out there and made really cool signs. Instead of early campaigning, she waited till platforms were accepted to make her ideas known. She also spent a lifetime in the poll booth.

Where would Whyville be with out our commoners? Our daily chatters are what make Whyville what Whyville is and keep us going! We are voters, costumers, friends, readers, writers, gamers, and helpers in our small community.

Dalygirl, Kelly, has been a member of Whyville for 730 days since April 9th of 2007. She has a bronze medal for the time she has spent on Whyville and currently earns 103 clams a day. Kelly likes to spend most of her time guest writing for the Whyville Times, in which her first article was published in the week of February 1st, "Jumping Into the Spirit of Change". She has had a total of thirteen articles published since the beginning. She is Vice President of Student Council in her school and captain of the varsity cheerleading team. Kelly's birthday is November 22nd and she is 12 years old.

. . . are the many faces of Whyville.

-Dalygirl, just another face in the crowd.

Author's Note: Thank you to MeetTerry, PureLies, ocean10kv, Morganna, and Melsey6 for your time! I had an awesome time learning about you.


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