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Senate Race 2009 - Part II

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We're back for the second round of elections during our 10-year anniversary. The first one was very exciting! (Congrats to drtanner, melsey6, and ciaobella!)

Since this year we've instituted a new election process, here's a reminder of some of the changes:

1. Instead of 1 senator being elected per election, there will be 3. A senator's term will last for about 4 months, but it takes about 1 month to go through the election process, so after 3 months, a new campaign will begin. If we're on track, elections will start the first Wednesday of February, June, and October.

2. Because 3 senators will be elected each election cycle, we're upping the number of finalists to 6. Given how difficult it is to coordinate and hold a live debate with 3 candidates (like we did in previous elections), we will not be holding live debates in the Greek Theater anymore. Now, we are going to ask the 6 candidates whose platforms have received the most signatures to each write an article for the Whyville Times. A candidate's article should expand on their platform and clarify why they should be elected senator. This not only makes it easier for the City Workers to keep the race on schedule, but it also gives the candidates more of an opportunity to state their case, as well as respond to questions and hold more vigorous and public debates in the BBSes attached to these articles. [NOTE: We may schedule a 'meet and greet' Greek Theater session (or sessions) so that you can meet the finalists 'in person' and ask them questions in real-time.]

3. To help streamline the process, voting will begin when the candidates articles are published and will go on for about a week.

4. Besides filtering the petitions, senators will now have certain duties that they are expected to perform. The senate will act as a liaison between Whyvillians and City Workers.

a. The senate will meet with at least one City Worker on a regular basis to discuss:

* Petitions
* Feedback from Whyvillians
* Suggestions

b. The senate will then write Whyville Times articles based on these meetings and will respond in a timely manner to posts and questions on the BBS. This helps keep the public informed.

c. The senate will be available to answer questions from Whyvillians and will inform a City Worker if they hear reports of any major problems on Whyville.

Here is the schedule for the next election:

Wed. 6/3 - Sun. 6/7 : Eligible Whyvillians can submit platforms in the Poll Booth.
Mon. 6/8 & Tue. 6/9 : City Workers will review platforms for appropriateness.
Wed. 6/10 - Mon. 6/15 : Public can sign platforms.
Tue. 6/16 & Wed. 6/17 : City Workers will verify signatures and determine the top 6 candidates.
Thu. 6/18 : City Workers will notify the 6 finalists and remind them about Whyville Times article/debate.
Sun. 6/21 : The 6 finalists will be announced in the Whyville Times.
Fri. 6/26: Whyville Times articles from the 6 finalists are due.
Sun. 6/28 : Articles from the 6 finalists will be published in the Whyville Times.
Mon. 6/29 : Voting will open to the public on the Home Page and will stay up through the following weekend.
Mon. 7/6 : City Workers will close voting, verify votes, and determine our new senators (Yay!)
Tue. 7/7 : Winners will be contacted via Ymail and announced on the Home Page.
TBD : Schedule inauguration(s).
Sun. 7/12 : Times article about winners and inauguration(s).

Remember: play tough, but fair. Now get out there and get campaigning!

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