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CDC & Newbie/Oldbie Forum

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CDC & Oldbies/Newbies Forum

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I've heard about this virus spreading through Whyville and people getting sick, but what does the virus do??? Does it prevent them from getting on Whyville? Stop you from chatting? Give you clams and give you a little gun so you can shoot people to spread the virus? Someone told me all that on Whyville. Well, Times Editor, e-mail back if you find out what it does.



Guest Writer

Hey guys! It's SamGirl21, and I just had to comment on the new CDC center. This is really cool! Also, it was special for me because that rash has broken out in my school. My friend, who is a Whyvillian, has come in contact with it. I think that the new CDC center is a great idea so people can learn about new viruses and stuff. Well, gotta run!


Guest Writer

Hey, siochic here!!! Many of you have probably seen me around, but this is the first time I write to all you Whyvillians!!!

I am a proud Whyvillian... but I am not proud of one thing: newbie VS. oldbie articles! My point is that I'm sick and tired of people writing about newbies and oldbies!! I don't exactly know what I am because I joined around March 2001, so I've been here for nearly a year or something. I do admit, oldbies, you should be nicer to newbies, and newbies, you should be more respectful.

But the thing that gets me mad is that there was like 15 articles about this this week!! We obviously get the point!!! I'd rather have more interviews and photo things in the paper then stupid newbie/oldbie articles. I don't wanna offend the people that wrote those articles and I know that people are going to be yelling at me when they see me, but just as long as I get my point out there!!!

Next time I write to you I will have an interview about this subject. So until then, this is siochic



Guest Writer

The NEWER oldbie.

Hey everyone! This is in response to the January 24th issue, the article "The New Oldbie" written by Vixen68.

This article sorta seemed like it was written in favor of newbies, but it seemed like she was demanding respect for oldbies at some point. Why should we all respect oldbies just because they found Whyville before someone else? Soon you might start hearing, "I came to Whyville October 5th, YOU came October 6th. Respect me."

Personally, I think Whyville shouldn't even list the day you first came to Whyville on your city records. What's really the point of having that on your city records anyway?

Another thing is that WAY more newbies are on Whyville then oldbies and it will ALWAYS be that way. And also, every newbie that you are making fun of will someday be an oldie... when you're, like, ancient.

Anyway, that's all I really have to say. Just try to stay away from the whole newbie-oldbie-middlebie thing. By the way, in case you were wondering, I think I'm a middlebie.

This is SamGirl21, signing off. Ciao!



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