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I never thought that I'd see the day I'd be clapped out of elementary school and off to bigger things. Hugging most of all my friends because I probably won't see them until high school and trying to hard not to cry. For one thing, this will definitely be a new beginning.

I remember being my sister's age (6) and being in the first grade, looking up at the sixth graders like they were giants. Matter of fact, even the fourth graders looked like giants. Now that I'm one of those "giants", wow, I feel so old. I felt safe, and elementary school was like another home. It felt like I actually spent most of my days as a kid in school. My friends there were the only friends I've ever had.

All of the students had a choice between two different schools for middle school. My friends and I had to make a choice: the better school for better learning - or the not so good school. I chose the better school, and so did four of my other friends, but the rest of my closest friends are heading for the other school, because mostly everyone is going there. Basically, everyone will be split up, and we probably won't see a lot of each other again.

I keep thinking everything will stay the same, but I guess it doesn't, and you have to move on. We collected phone numbers and addresses, but, chances are we'll forget about each other and soon move away from our friendships and find new people to meet. Switching school and making new friends won't be easy, but I think I can manage.

Graduating elementary school was just the beginning - just wait till I graduate high school, that's where the real journey will begin.


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