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More on the New Server

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More on the New Server

Guest Writer

Hi, I'm SciGuy25, telling people about the new server!!!

The new server that Whyville got lets more people on, but in my experience so far, it's still about the same. We still have a Waiting Room because lots of people have taken advantage of the new server. There are still tons of citizens who want to get in! The only new thing that I have noticed is that we got news on the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

I interviewed some people about the new server and this is what they said:

Interview with insanium.

Me: How do you like the new server?
insanium: It's cool!! Not much different from the old one.
Me: Has it made any differences in you Whyville days?
insanium: No

Interview with monkey66.

Me: How do you like the new server?
monkey66: It's cool.
Me: Have you noticed any differences?
monkey66: Not really.

My interview with nebjm.

Me: How do you like the new server?
nebjm: I haven't really noticed any changes yet!
Me: Have you noticed any differences?
nebjm: Well, I couldn't get in for a while... no, I haven't really noticed anything different.

Well, now you've heard it. Most Whyvillians haven't noticed much difference in Whyville since we got the new server.

Remember, if people don't buy Why-Passes, Whyville will lose its new server. So I encourage people to buy Why-Passes so Whyville will get new servers and keep them. Then there will be more places to chat!!!

This is SciGuy25 signing off from telling pps about the new server Bye


Note from City Hall:

Hi SciGuy25,

I'm sure the Editor will like your article. I just also wanted you to know that while citizens may not notice the difference the new server is making, there has really been a difference. Each day, about 400 more citizens get to enjoy Whyville than before.

Also, our site is a lot more stable. Before, while citizens may not know it, almost every hour during the afternoon the server got close to being overloaded, and us city workers would all start worrying that it would crash. Now, things are a lot smoother.

So, it has been making a difference, and I thank you for encouraging citizens to help us keep this server by buying Why-Passes!

City Hall



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