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Petitioning Priorities

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Petitioning Priorities

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Hey there, Whyville! How's it shakin?

Well, I wanted to know something! Do you read the petitions? I used to read them all of the time, and now I only go in maybe once a month, and I only sign about 5 (give or take a few). What has happened? Well maybe you ran into my problem, so I'd like to discuss my problem with you, and maybe clear a few things up.

There are SOO many petitions now, and people make lots of petitions that don't need to be signed, and then the goods ones get bumped off to fast. Now I don't have anything against the people who write these, but they are plugging up the petitions, and nothing is becoming a poll.

Now I would like to talk about some of the worst and best petitions. I'd like to start out by stating that this is a place for petitions, not a singles ad joint! If you'd like to date, don't advertise for a b/f of g/f, instead start a petition for a singles place to meet people. For that matter, I'd like to say that you should read through the petition titles to find out if anyone else has started similar petition, and sign it, because then it is more likely to become a poll. Make sense?

The plot issue. It has been discussed and discussed, and discussed some more. It isn't the issue of kicking people off Whyville to get land! Stop making petitions about this. And on the topic of space, Why-Passes are here to stay. If you don't want to pay for one, that's okay, Whyville is still awesome in my mind, and it's worth the wait if you won't pay. I think it's great that Whyville is making some real money! This issue has been discussed WAY TOO MANY TIMES!! (Oh and my plot was free, which means I didn't pay any money for it, real or fake!)

The other issues I found were about Akbar's. A few petitions wanted there to be no more Face Factory refunds -- they want everything to get accepted, no matter what! Think about it, the mall already takes a lot of time to load for some people's computers, and having more things will make it take even longer, so it only makes sense to have the cream of the crop. And the other thing I don't think is worth petitioning about is refunds at Akbar's. Just make sure you try things on! It's not that hard!

Okay, so I hope this will help stop some petitions from reappearing time after time. I would like to highlight that some petitions are really worth signing, but make sure that you sign somebody else's instead of starting your own!

There are people who suggest things like driving lessons to get around Whyville, another prom, paying rent for hotels, new chatrooms (including a restaurant, night and comedy clubs and a memorial for September 11th). There are also good ideas for a movie theater, made by citizens with their friends, or a lottery.

The last thing I would like to say are a few "maybe" suggestions. They aren't bad, but they are taking it the wrong way! A lot of people want jobs, in things like pet shops, or having a bank to store your money, or take out loans. These are great ideas, but you need to know how to get them. Write a letter to a company you would like to sponsor Whyville. Maybe your bank would help sponsor, or Pat's Pets would have an ad in their pet shop! This would also help to clear up things like to cost for why-passes! And the trick to writing a letter is always be polite and informative!

I am going to go do my homework that I was supposed to do last night now, so I will C U all around!

Cow, and TTYL,



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