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Hello Whyvillians! (:This next Senate Term. I have decided to run for one of the next three top spots in being a Senator! Personally myself I am very excited. My name is Amber. A lot of people call me Rain, But either is fine with me! I am Currently 17 years old. I absolutly Love making whyville friends. Being able to meet people from across the World is absolutly amazing. When you ever want to talk or have a question ymail me anytime and I will have an answer! So please dont hesitate to just stop by and drop a quick "hi" I absolutly know I have the effort and potential to run and be a whyville senator. I dont want it to be a popularity contest which in most cases it is. I want you to think who you really want to vote for. Who would be a great senator? Who has ideas they can actually change? Well I know I would be a great senator. And I have extrordinary ideas! Soo please take your time and read my ideas! (: 1.With everyone wanting pearls but not wanting to buy them. I think there should be a pearl scavenger hunt maybe once or twice a year, that goes on for a couple of days, that way everyone has a chance to have pearls! 2.Now everyone knows the thing with whypasses. Everyone wants to have both pearls and whypasses. Well I was talking to a Cityworker and MTM and they had pacifictly said, that They could not do both. And they had to pick bew tween so they decided to do Pearls! But I think that there is anyway we could fit in a few more competitions for whypasses then maybe it wouldnt be such a big deal! 3.There should be a few new designing shapes for Ffvs and Sdvs.that way things for designers are easier on time, and perfection 4.There should definatly be a way to trade more items in the trading post. Maybe 6 items. 5.no charge for seending parts 6.There could be a "add cart" system to where when you are sending items you dont have to scroll through pages you can just add to the cart and sent it 7.When it is your friends birthday or your birthday . your friends and you should be able to see when whos birthday it is! My idea is something like. You would receive a mail saying whos birthday it is and then that way you could wish them a "Happy Birthday" or send them a gift. Or a friend could do the same to you. 8.Having some more contest to earn more awards 9.Being able to hold some more parts in your satchel 10.Being able to put more decals on your scions 11.About an half inch more for avatar height 12.New Colors for Quills 13.More places for scions to go 14.Being able to creat your own projectiles 15.Being able to add more people in your address books. For all those crazy friend lovers out there 16.Being able to create parts for Whypets! Almost like an akbars store but more of a whypet store! 17.Having an off and online button on your cityrecords. Or your FF list so you can see who is on at that time! And a statice update. Where you can update what you are doing 18.Being able to create your own background 19.More games to earn clams 20.Having an ff button on the side so that if you are not online or at a chat place it will show that you have a pending friend finder If you are not online then it will say in your Inbox or on the front page that you have received one and who it is from and at what time and date 21.Having more days on parts 22.Having a chat box so that if your are in another room and you see that your friend is online. You can pop up a chat with a friend who is at another chat place Having parts in the satchel wear you can see who it is created by 23.Multiple Whispering. where you can click on atleast three people and whisper the same thing to them at the same time 24.Alot of scion decal designers make decals. and when you look them up they dont show all the decals you have made only recent or old ones. So when you look someone up you should be able to scroll through the pages of their decals, Thank you so much for taking your time to read my ideas! And please remember to vote wisely. Because you only get to vote Once!! Also remember to read the platforms caredully and decide on who you think would be a ;senator to fit the spot! And once again, you have any questions or just wanna stop by to talk. Don?t hesitate! (: Ill have an answer and a greeting for you! I want to wish the best luck to the other 5 candidates of the senate race! (: Komboy,Ducky464,Jadenman,Onepath,Steve6!


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