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Wow, I can't believe it's finally time to start narrowing down the final six candidates! First of all, I'd like to thank each and every one of you who have supported me to get this far. I couldn't have done it without you! I'd also like to congratulate the other five finalists: rain15133, KoMBoY, steve6, OnePath, and jadenman. Good luck to all of you!

I'd also like to thank everyone for all the ymails, I did read them all, and I tried to reply to as many as I could. I enjoyed all of the feedback, and suggestions for my expanded platform. So now I'm going to take things really in depth on what I'd like to accomplish if I am one of Whyville's next senators.

I have been a proud member on Whyville since Monday July 19, 2004. I have been here through it all to witness many changes that Whyville has made. I've also participated in many activities, and I try to be as involved as I can when I get the chance. Since I've been here for a few years, I've seen how the elections go, I've heard of and wanted many changes for this site, and I believe I have a lot of experience for what it takes to be senator. I am always helping people whenever they ask for it, and I like to demonstrate a good attitude for newcomers as well. After all, we were all new at some point!

So now let's get down to the juicy ideas! As I had previously stated in my original platform, I cannot promise that all of these changes will be made, but I will strive and push to make sure I can get as many of them accomplished as I possibly can.

1. Scions.. How many of you wish that scions were more affordable? Yes, if you look at the whyville prices and the real life ones, they're both realistic? but this is whyville. Let's face it. It's hard for many people to get a loan on here. You know what's even more difficult that getting a loan? Finding someone to be your co buyer! I would like to establish a program in which you can pay as you go. It breaks down the process to make it much more simple. Say you almost have enough money to get that scion you've had your eye on for the past few weeks. You're starting to grow very impatient, and are worrying you might blow all your money off on the new arrivals in Akbar's. Well let's do away with those temptations, and buy one part of the scion at a time! As we get more money we can build our own scions. Say you have enough for the body. Go buy it then! Oh now you have enough for the wheels! Buy that! Now if you already have a scion, you'll probably feel ripped off by this new idea. Not to worry! I didn't forget about you. That's why I want to make sure every scion has an edit option, where it allows you to change the paint color, upgrade your wheels, etc!

2. Pearls, pearls, pearls! Aren't they supposed to be very similar to clams, but with a few more perks? Well transferable pearls would be an awesome perk as well. Alright, I know there's some question about the safety of this. What if you get hacked? Well you will have to submit your bank code pin number before you trade them, so nobody can steal them from you. This also means we should be able to send "PearlGrams," just like we can send ClamGrams.

3. Purchasing pearls for your fellow friends! Wouldn't that make great Christmas presents, or birthday gifts? We need an option in which we can select a friend to buy pearls for!

4. Face factory! Hello, it's 2009! We really need to update that old color palette. Let's add some more colors and an undo button! I have recently heard that the Face Factory is on the city worker's to do list. They want to update it. I'd like to suggest a few more tools: circle tool, square, straight line tool, etc would help. Basically the tools that are on MS Paint. Also, we should be allowed to name our face parts with more characters other than numbers and letters. We need to add expression with exclamation points and whatnot. All characters except brackets and the arrows should be allowed, for it still prevents HTML. Don't you think it would be cool to make your face part names look fancy again? ~*!Face Part Name Here!*~ or ..::Face Part Name here::..

5. I just spoke with a city worker about long shirts. I still want to try to push to make sure we get them back. If we had them in 2003 and earlier, then why not now? After all, I think we are all mature enough to deal with long shirts. I just think we could have some strict rules so some long shirts won't get accepted, such as ones that show the stomach, or ones that are way too low. I know there are many complaints from the designers that they cannot stand the solar plexus rule. There are also many complaints from the people who buy shorter shirts, saying they're not very cute unless there is an extension to it. Instead of having people try to beat Akbar's rules with making extensions to these long shirts, we should just allow them again and end this battle. J

6. When our head expires, we turn into that blue "tator" face. Okay, how about we get the option of which color we want to be? Not everyone wants to be blue. A lot of people miss the skin-tone tators.. We should have the option for any culture skin tone tators! Hey, maybe you want a lime green tator, that's cool too! The whole color palette should be open to the tator choices, in the info & preferences section of whyville.

7. Whyville mobile. Woo! How awesome would that be? Check your ymail on the go! A little whyville chat for anyone who's on mobile. This would be amazing.

8. We have the calendar on the welcome page. How about our own personal calendar in our ymail section, or in our satchels?

9. Clam bail. Pay to get out of being taped. If you're impatient, but you've got money . . . bail yourself out of that tape!

10. Don't you ever wonder where your friends are? I know I sure do! Maybe you have some exciting news for them, so you send them a friend finder. The friend finder goes through, but they do not come! There are obviously way too many chat rooms on whyville to go searching for your friend. That's why there needs to be a WhyStalk feature in our city records. We can see where everyone is . . . even if they're checking their ymail! It should say that! Now there's some people who want their pricavy, so we also have to respect that with an option to turn this feature off. There should be these options: let everyone see where you are, only friends in your address book can see where you are, or nobody sees where you are.

11. Say goodbye to whip cars. Everyone complains about how much of an annoyance they are. Are you in need of money? Or do you really like your friend's scion? Rent your friend's scion for 50 clams! All you do to rent/summon it is say, "rent [friend's name here] scion" So if you wanted to rent one of my scions, you'd say, "rent ducky464 scion." If you don't want people renting your scion, then you can turn that option off. Also if someone is renting your scion and you would like to use it, you can kick them out.

12. Changing city records layouts. Some people don't want those love/hate lists showing. Others want different colors. Diversity is what we are seeking.. We need city records layouts: patterns and solid colors . . .psst stickers would be nice too!

13. What happened to the good citizen award? I never see people getting it anymore. People always used to get it back in 2004. I think we need to bring it back.

14. Many people have ymailed me about how clams are hard to get. Maybe we could make a few more games so people can get clams. I think whysolitaire would be a cool way to get money. If you win the game you get 200 clams, and for every ace you get 10 clams.

15. On Christmas, lifetime whypasses should go on sale for one hour. That's a good way to satisfy many whyvillians, as well as bring in a lot of money for whyville. Price them at $40. Many people are willing to pay that price. Also, on every Friday for one hour, the one-month whypasses should be sold for $5 each again.. People can still buy pearls, but this will benefit whyville, as well as the citizens in it.

16. Senators should be able to help regulate the BBS. A lot of fights are breaking out in the threads and I've read a lot of complaints.

17. Whyville needs auction rooms. Many people would enjoy auctioning their parts off, as well as buying them in people's auctions!

18. If you don't have a whypass you can only wear 20 face parts. I think that medals, quills, and trophies should not count in this 20.

19. For the summer decennial, the top 3 people in the top 10 should win a one-month whypass.

Thank for taking the time to read my extended platform! As I mentioned before (and I feel the need to repeat it again): I cannot promise each of these ideas will happen, but I will push to make sure I get as many of them done as I can! If I am senator I will not sit around and watch whyville make change-I will be part of it. If you have any questions, feel free to post them on the BBS, or ymail me!


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