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All right, I have some great ideas, and this is my new reformed platform, it includes longer explanatory versions of each and every idea and also includes some new ideas I've thought up just for you guys!

(1.) All right, so at some point we all catch the whypox.. whyflu (I know I have!) And the fact is it gets very annoying. And frankly buying medicine every two hours is too time consuming. I think you should be able to pay a certain rather small fee of clams to completely eliminate the symptoms. This would mean NOT having the symptoms for the entire season of flu. Good-bye flu, sounds pretty great eh?

(2.) OK, I know. This idea isn't something that's needed a lot. But hey it makes things easier. Ever tried trading parts to yourself or others? Well when trading (especially to yourself) it can get very irritating trading 3 parts at a time. You see the trading post has a little extra rooms on the wall. I figure we can take advantage of that space and use it for two more boxes. Trading 5 items at a time seems a lot easier than three don't you think?

(3.) I think most of you reading this love buying scions! But face it.. there's not much of a selection. I think citizens should be able to design they're own scions to sell to citizens (Woot.. think of the money you'd make from that) Each week the scions made by others would be voted on, the one with the most votes would go up for sale so citizens like you and I could buy them! (The Reason for only have 1 scion put up per week is so you don't have a bunch of scions designed by numerous people so you could never find your favorite one)

(4.) Were getting used to pearls sure.. BUT, I'd love to have a choice wouldn't you? If they sold whypasses and pearls we'd get to choose, and whyville would still make enough money to keep both around! the same perks would go with whypasses as the old one, although there would be some exceptions.

(5.) This is along the lines of my 4th idea, but it still has a little difference. Once a year.. at any given date, Whyville could sell life time whypasses for an hour.. imagine logging on and finding you could buy a life time whypass.. A quick payment and your done, never having to worry about paying again.

(6.) There are benefits to pearls.. but.. They're pretty much the same as whypasses, I say if were paying more we should get more! Things such as All the time access to the face factory. And 10% off your scion! For example, say your buying a scion that's 20k clams... 10% off would mean you would have to pay 2,000 LESS!
One last perk would be being able to friend find someone to any location in whyville.

(7.) This is one of my new ideas, and it's also one of my favorites. You find face factory vouchers a a specific location every week about ever 2-3 hours. It'd be wonderful to be able to find pearls As well don't you think? Every time a pear would pop up every 2-3 hours at a specific location (They'd tell you where just like with face factory vouchers) It would include around 30-50 at the Max pearls.

(8.) All right, A big part of pearls is renewing your face parts. but it costs a lot to renew your parts. and then after 3 months you have to renew them again.. and again.. and.. well you see where I'm going. Paying a certain amount of pearls to renew your parts for good would be much easier. These means never having to renew them again... Ever!

(9.)The jukebox is great to have around, I love it. But there isn't a big selection of songs. There are some free songs out there that you can download. Whyville could use those on the jukebox, so you could use it to listen to real songs by your favorite singers.

(10.) Something I've recently thought of ... is a longer inauguration. Sure, it's great and I love being there, but at the inauguration of Danny, Mels, and Tanner it was a little short. Things to lengthen it would be short speeches by the candidates, a little bit about themselves and what they hope to accomplish, after that some trivia about whyville and the candidates themselves. And after that even some Q&A (Questions and answers) With the city workers who are there.

(11.)There's been a lot of talk about a whycourt, but There hasn't been one made yet, so I thought I run on through the idea again. It'd be fantastic to have a court where you could go to try to get unbend, untaped, OR you could even bring someone to the court to "Sue" them to be taped or banned, for actions that they've made that city workers haven't punished. You could submit your case and the ones city hall thought worthwhile would be brought to the whycourt! there could be certain penalties for certain actions.. such a scamming.. offering to sell or buy accounts and such.

(12.)All right, well when you get banned... you pretty much find out by trying to log in and getting a message that goes something like "You cannot access this account because it has been banned" That's kind've like a big slap in the face. Why have we been banned? I think instead of listing that they could tell us why so we aren't left in the dark!

(13.) There's an award for the times. But there is not an award for the designers, a lot of great designers go out there unrecognized for their great work and talent. I think, just like the times awards the top designers would get an award.. this would go like: The top designer with the most things sold... top designers for each category. top designers for each type of part (like "Emo" ..long shirts, and such)

(14.) All right, so have you ever tried to look for your friends petition? It's very hard to find amongst all the others, I think it would be easier to have a search bar. Type the persons name, and wala there you are.

(15.)Never know when your friends are on? That can change! In your address book there should be a small circle either green or red, green meaning they're on, red meaning they're not. If it were a green dot you should be able to click on that dot and it would bring up another window telling you what room (including akbars, the bazzar, and so on) they're in, so you could go there and meet up with your pal. Or if he/she is in akbars or the bazzar you can send a quick message saying your looking for them that would pop up on the screen.

(16.) I had this idea during my last platform, and I think it's good enough to repeat.

When you are hacked the hacker often changes your email and password so that you can't get your account back. Whyville should send you a mail when your email is changed to the previous email, you could then read that mail and there would be a link you could click to change it back that way you could then send your password to your email and wala! you have your account back!

(17.) Do you have a lot of parts? (I know I do ;))

Would it be much simpler to have a folder or "pocket" where you could put your favorite parts so you could find them more easily? You could click on your folder, and there you are. Your favorite parts are there.

(18.) There are a lot of creative backgrounds now, but I think it'd be just dandy (...lol) to have whyvillians design a background which would be voted on (that way you don't have any old background clogging up the list) and each month the best would be put up so that you could use it for your own background! I noticed new ones coming out, but hey, the more the merrier!

(19.) Last but not least, my Final idea for whyville. Whyville servers delete your old mail, and sometimes mails that you really rather save. I believe you should have folders that you could name and put certain mails in so you could have easy access to them and so whyville servers wouldn't delete them!

Author's Note: Well, this is it! Last round, I'm nervous, but glad that with your help, whether you voted for me or not That I'm here, and that some of my friends are joining my in the top 6. I hope you look at everyone's platform before you decide, pick the best candidate for you. Have a good time, and I hope you vote. Good luck to Mira, Steve, Rain, Kaitlyn, and Komboy!


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