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Hello fellow Whyvillians,
Thanks for voting me into the top 6! I hope you all will vote for me and get me into the top 3 as well! I'm a very experienced citizen; I created my first account, seaninja, in 2003. Being a veteran, I think I would be a good choice for one of the top 3. If I get the opportunity to be a senator, along with two other fabulous Whyvillians, ducky464, jadenman, rain15133, OnePath, or steve6, we will rock your Why-World! Since I have the chance to write a longer, more detailed platform, I will go into more depth with my ideas:

1. One of the biggest thing Whyvillians want, especially designers, is a revamped Face Factory. If new tools were added like an undo button (wouldn?t it be nice to not have to carefully erase your mistakes?), a pick a color tool, and new color palette with more updated, modern colors. Also, Akbar should provide everyone with outlines to reduce the amount of parts that are rejected caused by a face hole that's too small or a shirt that's too long or has sides that are too straight. Having an updated Face Factory would make designing more enjoyable and easier for those who do it frequently.
2. Update the disco. How dull is the disco right now? It's so 2000. I want the disco to be able to be able to be customized to the party throwers wishes. Whether it's a birthday party, a Halloween party, or just a simple I'm-bored-on-Whyville-and-I-want-to-throw-a-party party, you'd be able to customize everything from the music to the decorations to the background to what you desire!
3. I want to bring WhyPasses back. With some negotiation, this may, quite possibly, be possible! Pearls do the job, but, WhyPasses were a better buy for everyone's money and you didn't need one WhyPass to renew parts and then another to buy animated parts and yet another to purchase a WhyPet! Those Pearls are just hurtin' my swag!
4. Ever get tired of those mind-numbing games? I know I sure do! I want to see the game list updated with more modern games. Things like the Skater Game and the Spin Game were fun in 2002, but it's 2009 now and we need bigger and better things to entertain us!
5. Whyville needs to update the chat rooms. The decor is very bright and plain and I'd like to see the rooms become more hip and a bit easier on the eyes. Yellow is not required as a color in every room! A lot of the rooms that were created when Whyville was created haven't really been changed since they were first introduced and places like Pool Party and Illusions House are in desperate need for a little revamp.
Peace out kids and keep it real!


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