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Hi there Whyville citizens, I am Kaitlyn and I am running for Whyville Senator. I would like to start out saying "Thank you" to all of my supporters. I appreciate every one of you. When running for senator, I would like my fellow citizens to know me not just as a political senator, but a warm friend. So, in that case, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a committing person and will never give up on a task. I believe in doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do. I am very positive and think the hardest job can always be accomplished. Senator? Can I fulfill it? Can I succeed at it? Senator is the position that links citizens to city workers in a quest to endure suggestions. I can fulfill that duty because I will try my best to reach out to citizens and listen to their suggestions. I will not promise I will succeed at it but, I can give it my all, take suggestions, answer questions, try to make improvements and with that, I would be honored to give it my all to be your Senator.

Whyville, in my point of view, is a great virtual world that I can hang with my friends, play games and have fun. It's such an enjoyable activity for many people to look forward to. However, nothing is ever perfect, and there is always room for improvement, this applies to mostly everything. Therefore, I would like to share with you my ideas for improving this wonderful virtual world. To help me get the jest of what Whyville citizens want, I interviewed some. I believe it is very important to reach out and gather what our citizens want, not just myself. I will tell you about my ideas.

Have you ever witnessed or been in the role of being pulled into a whipcar? When your floating over to the other side of south beach, you automatically get pulled in by a whipcar even if you do not click on it. I think this should be stopped. I would like to see people only being pulled into a whipcars if they double click on it. This would be less bothersome for whyvillians. Also I think whipcars should come less often. Very few people rent them so there is no need to have them appear that often. To make this experience more lively, it would be nice if they would change colors occasionally. To top that off, like the real world, lower class and higher class scions should be priced differently.

I view more days on face parts would be very pleasurable. I indeed see the idea that pearls are used to renew face parts, but I believe it should automatically be higher. 150-200 days would be much better for the time of face parts. When they are down to their last days, pearls can regularly renew them. Nothing much would change but the expiration date of our face parts. This would be especially helpful for face parts from years past. We should also be able to put on more face parts, not the limit of 20. I see many of our citizens are very creative and just pile sayings, jewelry, layered clothes etc. on their avatar and I love seeing that. Creativity absolutely sprouts from them. Then again, more than 20 face parts would be even more pleasurable.

More fun and teen's games should be cast upon whyville. The games we have now are very nice and educational but it would be nice to see more enjoyable games (with education) around whyville: word games, math games, and trivia for clams, many like that. They test your mind, are very fun to figure out, and might give you a little extra amount of clams.

Chat filters. As we grow older, we comprehend different types of social language. Upper teens are growing too. It seems they are cut short of what they have to say. They often have to spell a word differently to not be caught by the filters. I can see how that would be a little bothersome. On the other hand, many might disagree on the filters; the filters should stay exactly how they are. Partially, I agree with that. However, I think it would be nice if city workers would give Woods a little slack in filters. Many teens hang out in woods and often speak how they feel. However, for the rest of the chat rooms, chat filters are fine. J

Have you ever doodled or drawn on "Paint" a program on your computer? Most of us have, if not, then it?s very similar as a designing box in whyville. In "Paint" there is a bucket sign to fill in a selected area, a straight line, curved line, spray paint and on. I think this would be exclusive for designers of whyville! It would make designing more than easier but very pleasurable with all the new gadgets!

For the past time that I have been on whyville, I have noticed (a long time ago) that when I go to Bob in the land office at 4:00 Wednesday, there is no land available. I think there should be more land plots available. Next idea, more places to friend find our friends to. Wouldn't it be nice to friend find your pal to a more quiet, less populated place, one that you would want to meet them at? Therefore, I would like to enforce the ability to buy places to friend find your friends to. J

Now this, this would be a sight. Not just three models of scions to pick from but a plethora of everyday ordinary or extremely popular cars all of us see. A beetle, ford, convertible, Porsche, monster truck and the list could go on. I believe this could add major variety to whyville. Also, a great selection of colors to pick from. What color this would add :D

Whyflu is whyville's virtual "contagious cold". I do admire that it shows that germs can really spread through contact and how to prevent it, but it often interferes with how citizens speak, cutting off the message the person has displayed. I advise whyflu, if not gone, to be only one month per year and medicine lasting 5 hours instead of two. I also think whyvillians should be able to design their own backgrounds to show their personality. The backgrounds would or wouldn't be accepted in for example "The Background Shoppe" and there, citizens can buy it and display it as their background.

There are three trading boxes and three only. I see that some citizens trade twice to give all the items they want to the person their trading with for an amount of clams. They have to do that because there are only three boxes. I do realize that if their were four or more boxes, then it would mean showing the face parts in a smaller picture. That's not a problem though because of the wonderful drop down arrow. J

How fun is it to make a dance? Very fun! :D Again, whyville allows us to express our creativity and make a wacky and unique dance. However, there is only one dance to have on your account. I suggest there to be about three spots for various dances. Therefore, citizens can make different types of dances and still keep them. Also, have you ever witnessed or been in this situation when you bought an object at the trading post and when you try it on, it?s a fake or it doesn?t fit how you pictured it would? To help prevent that, I would like citizens to be able to try on the objects they buy in trading post. Last but not least, the ability to sell used scions. Sometimes you get tired of this scion and you wish you could sell it at a mortgage price. That could happen.

I will not promise you complete success from every one of these ideas but I will promise you that I will try my absolute best to enforce them. I deeply care about what whyville citizens want and I want to make the best of it. This is a spectacular virtual world and to have the ability to really make a difference in it is a marvelous thing to me.

I do realize all these ideas might take a lot of work to pursue them. However, I will tell you something about my family that relates to whyville. A couple of years ago we decided to put in new carpet, flooring and a deck, just like putting new ideas into whyville. My parents had to think about how they wanted to go about this: what color, what size, everything. City workers and senators will have to think and work on this thoroughly too. All together, it was much deciding and money, which many don't like to pull out of their pockets. It is sometimes hard to accept whyville changes and let go of the old. But after the job was done, this house looked beautiful and rewarding. After all these changes that whyville has overcome, we've had to let go of some of the old and go on. Whyville . . . it's like an ever-growing house. As a community or family, we have to suggest that those boards need to be fixed or replaced. Whyville is our house and we need to make it flourish.

As a senator, I will try to put some more nails in them older devoted boards but also build new ones in place and make Whyville the empire state building it is truly meant to be. Thanks for reading.

A driven candidate,


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