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HEY WHYVILLIANS!! This is Steve, one of your top 6 finalists for the great senate race! I am quite happy to have made it this far in the race, but I would love to make it even further. My friends, I am happy to have the opportunity to tell you what I can do as your SUMMER SENATOR 09!

So first off, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I have been a citizen of whyville for 7 years now, so I've watched as this happy little town has changed and grown. I am practically always on whyville whether I'm meeting new people, chilling at the waterfall or playing fun games . . . or maybe even chilling at the waterfall, meeting new people and playing games all at the same time! I think you get the picture. I'm always online, which means that I would get a lot accomplished as senator, and here are some of the things I would do as senator!

First topic is Scions! So I'll start off by addressing whipcars . . . they are annoying! I think we should be able to summon whipcars just as people summon their own personal scions. This way, whipcars only appear when people actually want to drive them instead of every five minutes.

For people who are fortunate enough to own a scion, they should be able to change the way it looks without having to buy a new one. It would be really sweet if we could create a paint and accessories shop for already existing scions! Also, as my good friend mentioned to me, creating scion decals are difficult because you cannot choose the size you want it to be. I think the scion decal creation should be just like when you make face parts . . . you should have the ability to pick the size you want!

Next topic is Whycourt! I think it would be great if we could implement some sort of Whycourt for people who are going to get banished. I personally have never been banished, however a lot of my friend have, and they do not understand why they are being punished. Whycourt would give them the opportunity to plead their case, and they will also be given an explanation as to why they are getting banished. Justice will be served! ;)

Following that is the topic of plots. We need to have more plots available to purchase and to build houses on. I would definitely work on getting more plots so that more people could have whyhomes.

I think we should also be able to buy pearls with clams, so that everyone can have an equal opportunity to have a whypet and a colored chat bubble. Speaking of whypets, they are causing issues for some people's computers, so I think we should be able to have a special setting so that we can choose whether or not we want to see whypets in chat rooms.

Of course, I could go on and on with ideas to improve and advance whyville, however I realize that my article would be way too long to publish. So, there it is whyvillians! I am of course always open to suggestions of what YOU think I could do to make whyville a better place if I were to be elected senator. I would be honored to be your summertime senator, so vote steve6 for senator and rest assured that whyville would be the best it has been yet! Rock on whyvillians!


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