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A Different Life: Part Seven

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"Why are you crying?" A girl's voice asked me.

I looked up to where the voice was. It was the girl I was staring at earlier.

"I'm crying because I don't know where my parents are," I replied to her. I wanted to they were dead, but I didn't know for sure, so I didn't.

"I'm sorry," she said her voice sweet and innocent. "I'm Skye."

"Hi Skye."

"Children! Please come to the dinning room for supper!" Ms. Willow called.

Everyone scrambled out of the room and into the dinning area.

Skye started to leave, then she turned around when she realized that I wasn't with her.

"Are you coming?" she asked.

"Uh . . . Yeah I guess," I replied standing up and following her to the dinning area.

The dinning area was wide and long. The table was the longest table ever imaginable. There had to be at least one-hundred kids sitting there already. Skye led me to a place by some what looked like sixteen year old girls.

"Hey Paige," said Skye as she sat down across from Paige.

"Hey Skye."

"Whose that?" I whispered to Skye.

"That's Paige, my sister."

Paige looked just like Skye except her golden hair was to her hips. Her eyes were a little bit of a darker green then Skye's was. Her face looked like a baby's--soft and round.

"Hey Paige," I said to her, just to be friendly.

"Hey . . ." she said, waiting for my name.

"Sadie," Skye filled in for me.

"Thanks," I whispered to Skye.

She nodded.

"This is Joey, Sara, Emily, and Sabrina," said Paige pointing to each of the girls sitting beside her.

"Hi," they all said together.

Sara had chocolate brown hair and eyes. She had bangs that covered her right eye and had a smile that made her eyes twinkle.

Emily had blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She didn't have bangs like Sara did, but had the same smile as Sara, did.

Sabrina, like Sara, had the same color hair, but with light brown highlights and had the same color of highlights as her eyes.

Joey had blonde hair and blue eyes, eyes as bright as I do, but close. Joey, unlike the others' regular fit, was thinner. Her face looked like someone just put skin over the skull without any fat underneath it. Her thinner body looked like that from the lack of food.

"Hi Sara, Emily, Sabrina, and Joey."

What looked like a waiter handed us some food. "Enjoy your meal girls," she said as she walked off to get some more food for the rest of the table.

"Gross, they should like totally get us some real food here," said Sara whose voice was more like a little kids than a teenagers.

"I know, they should totally give us, fifteen year olds some better food then the twelve year olds," Paige said loud enough that Skye protested against her.

"Paige I don't care if you think your better then I am just because Dad gave you that diamond necklace signaling that you're supposed to take care of me when he died of lung cancer!" She screamed at Paige. "You say twelve year olds are dumb, but Sadie and I are not. You can say that your more special th--"

"We ARE more special then you are Skye and your little friend Sadie," Paige broke in.

"You're right Paige, you are more special then we are. You're more special because you don't have a brain that actually works right!" Skye yelled at Paige some more with unspeakable words then she turned to me and said, "C'mon Sadie let's go find another place to sit."

We grabbed our food on trays and walked over to the end of the table.

"Can we sit here?" Skye asked to two girls.

"Sure," they said with their mouths full of candy.

Skye and I sat down and stared at them. Skye then finally broke in, "Where'd you get that?"

"The candy?"

"Yeah, the candy."

"Amy got it," a girl said pointing to the other girl.

Skye turned to Amy and then asked again, "Where'd you get that?"

"My Mommy and Daddy gave them to me when they brought me here."

Amy looked about the age of five, and was Asian, so her hair was black and had dark, almond-shaped eyes.

I felt an instant grief for Amy because she was only five and had no parents right now.

"I'm so sorry," I said to Amy. "I don't know where my parents are either."

"Oh, I know where they are, they're out partying with some friends at the hotel and told me that they don't want me anymore and then Daddy gave me this candy that I'm sharing with Rachel."

"Oh . . . well . . . that's nice of you."

Skye gave me a look as if saying, "Shh . . . you're making it worse let's just eat."

So, I just tried to eat.

The food was supposed to be chili but it looked more like something that was waste of the same color. I didn't eat the "chili" I ate the Jell-O which stuck to my spoon and had a hard time getting it out.

When it was bedtime I had a hard time getting to sleep. It just wasn't right. I felt weird, being normal. I couldn't see what Skye was dreaming, I couldn't even see what was going to happen next. I was . . . Normal.

"Sadie, you have your first interview," I heard Charlie say.

"I don't want to go with you," I said to him.

"Sadie, you have to. You need to try and find a home."

"I don't want to! I'm with my parents!"

"Sadie! Wake up!!!"

I woke up seeing that I wasn't talking to Charlie, I was talking to Ms. Willow.

"Sadie, let's go."

"Uh . . . okay," I said getting out from underneath the sheets. "Can I get dressed first?"

"Of course," said Ms. Willow and drifted out of sight.

I opened the dresser to see what Charlie packed. I saw all my clothes. I picked up some jeans and a red plain shirt. I also picked up some gold earrings and sighed. I looked at them wishing that Mom was here to take them from me because she hated when I tried to pierce my own ears with her earrings. I put them back and vowed, on the earrings, to myself that I wouldn't try to when I was here. I grabbed my converse sneakers and ran out of the room and towards Ms. Willow and she led me to where my interview would be.

Author's Note: Again, I'll say my thanks. That you all the BBSers, and most of all, thanks Janet and Monet. And thank you Lizzie. I miss you terribly.


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