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The End: Part 2

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Desiree was perfectly flexible, and graceful. Alice outshone them all, she was the inspiration behind their dance and gymnastic effort. Alice effortlessly spun to the window, crouched, and leapt out of it. She spun in place on a branch, coming to a stop, and bowed. She danced further up the tree, and I climbed out, and swore I saw her smiling. Alice hadn't smiled on her own without me in the room since I was banished from this realm by none other than Rowan the Angel. I smiled a wide, toothy grin as she spun gracefully, and flipped off her branch, flipping to the ground, and doing a final spin before she landed. The rain matted her hair down to her face, and she was smiling.

Dancing was what she loved, what she had adored. Even when she fought, vicious as she was, it was hard not to stare on as she ripped and bit. Lethal little Alice was a dancer, the queen of my world. "Josh, how was I?" she asked, like a little girl after her own recital. "Breathtaking," I breathed as I climbed out of the window and hopped down the four story length. "Really?" she said ecstatically as she curled into my arms. "Yes, Alice Adrienne Matthews, you're just amazing in general," I whispered into her ear. Joshua had come down by this point, and suddenly, the crash of thunder sounded. We turned to face it, and then Aimee leapt out of the window and tackled Joshua. Mud splashed up and I quickly moved Alice so it wouldn't hit her. It splattered in my face, and she giggled. When I wiped it off and went to wipe it on her face, lightning struck just in front of me. She shrieked as it splattered up and hit us all. It burned, meaning that Rowan knew I was here. Alice shrieked again, the mud was clinging to her skin, burning her. "Evelyn!" I hissed. "Yes?" she thought slyly. "Make him stop!" I thought bitterly, holding Alice when she fell.

She shrieked again, the mud forming a solid cast around her body. "Get. It. OFF!" she screamed. I clawed at it, trying to free her, to stop her pain. "Alice!" I screamed when I heard her breathing stop. Evelyn laughed from behind me. I turned around and stared at her in her fighting form. "No," she said bitterly. "Why, Evelyn? You have Rowan, you have your life, for the love of all that is unholy, you have a baby at home!" I shouted. "Because I didn't want Rowan. I wanted you. And if she's forever solidified, she can't have you either. You won't have any reason to come back, so nobody can have you," Evelyn said with a sour grin. "You're right," I whispered, broken, as I stared down at my dying love. Evelyn chuckled quietly as I just tried to keep her breathing, concentrating on her involuntary actions in her brain. "When the rain stops, you have to go," Evelyn whispered with a large smile on her face.

I was shattered when she said that. What would I do without her? When the sun would rise and set, when the first star shone in the night, who would I gaze upon with admiration? When the Moon shone down through the dark sky, when the sunlight streamed through the window after a storm, who would I reassure of my presence? When the air trembled, and the skies darkened, she wouldn't know I was coming to see her.

I gave in when Desiree's sobs confirmed the end of Alice's life. "Nine and a half minutes," she sobbed. Uncanny precision was her thing. I held Alice in my arms, trying desperately to wake her up, when I saw her dreams.

Our wedding. An exact replay of our wedding. I broke down and fell to my knees sobbing. I held her in my arms, going back with her to that happy memory. One of the last ones we had together. The ring on her finger was caked in mud, and mine was shining brightly. She was breathing still, because of me, but Aimee shrieked in resistance and leapt at Evelyn. She had no time to react before Joshua and Desiree helped Aimee.

"Make him stop or you're going to die slowly and painfully!" Joshua growled angrily. "Do it!" Aimee's voice was strong, though musical, and it was a frightening musical snarl. Desiree just glared on, growling, and Marcus leapt down on Evelyn's chest. She shrieked, and Aimee stared at her fiercely. "Make him stop!" Joshua hissed again. Evelyn cried out in agony and Aimee bit her arm. She screamed and Marcus resembled her in the blink of an eye. His Demonic form was much more impressive and startling than hers. And suddenly, the frightened thoughts of an unknown person cluttered my mind.

We all stopped and stared at the source of the thoughts, whose own thoughts showed more shock than their face.


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