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Save the Reef!

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Hey there, readers! Monet1616 here, reporting on Whyville's reefs, which have been suffering a bit lately. They are decreasing in some populations . . . Increasing drastically as a result in others. Well, Monet', what can we do? Calm down, little voice in my head, I'm going to tell everybody now.

First, gather as much information as you can. Go to the Reef Station and look at graphs, do your own graphs for some quick salary raisers. Then you will know what to expect with the reefs. I also suggest identifying all of the species, because not only do you have to spend time in the reef for some clams, but you get used to them, and even start becoming aware of them, their occupants, and over time, how the populations start changing.

Now, you can get down to business. You can go to the Reef Station and click "Save the Reef!" in the bottom right hand corner, just under the Reef Station room. You will see what you can do to save the reef. For those of us who are a bit lazy, the link is right here:


Since you want to save the reefs, I suggest you start donating clams if you can. You get some nice compensation for the clam donations if you hit certain amounts. For 100 clams, you get a Red Spotted Coral Crab pin to wear. For 500, you get a lovely Clown Trigger Fish pin. And for 1,000, you get a SHARK! To be more specific, you get a White-tip Reef Shark. I am conveniently wearing all three, if you want to sneak a peek at the top of the screen. Fabulous face parts, don't you think?

You can also buy some face parts to wear around Whyville at Akbar's, to promote saving our reefs. I am wearing two of them, entitled "Save the Reef Starfish", which is currently suctioned to the side of my avatar's head, and the "Save the Reef Sign" that says "SAVE REEF." All of the parts so far are listed on this page:


If you went and looked at that page, you will notice all of the parts have something in common. No, not just that they all promote saving the reef, but that they are all by City Hall! Isn't that sad? Well, you can also make face parts to encourage saving the reef. Those of our brilliant designers out there, this is your chance to show you care! And beginner designers, this is your time to shine! Get some vouchers, use your Lifetime Why-Pass, and make those parts! Give them the touch of a caring Whyvillian, who wants to save some reefs! But please, be reasonable with your prices. The amount of parts worn that encourage saving the reefs is shown, and if your part is outrageously priced, there aren't going to be many bought.

If you visited the Save the Reef! page, you will notice there is a thermometer at the bottom. Well, my friends, that thermometer shows participation in saving the reefs. And it's on Low as I type this! Well, we're not going to get anywhere if nobody participates, you may be just one person, but you can help by a LONG shot.

There's still more you can do! You can tell people about the problem with our reefs, and tell them they should check it out. Seeing that boat float past is just sad, it's got so many fish, it's not cool! Well, tell people to get involved, guys! If you tell two people, that's three people getting involved. If those two people go tell two people each, that's seven people involved now. This will have a huge impact on our reefs, and it will show how many of us Whyvillians care about it.

Want a larger impact than just two people? Write an article for the Times! It's not too hard, and you'll be informing hundreds of people of what they can do for the reefs, and the situation at hand. To do this, refer to the article by Mylo9810 (Article ID 10371). It gives the information needed to send an article in, and how to format it.

Well, that just about wraps it up! It's in your hands now, Whyvillians. Take a part, and save our reefs!

Monet1616, off to go make a face part for the sake of our reefs.


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