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Less and Less Real Music

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When I think of music I think of something that can only be created from the soul, I think of beautiful songs and voices that make me want to sing along. But lately on the radio all I hear is people that can't even sing that have had their voice's edited to sound like robots and lyrics that have "Oh, oh!" or "Baby, baby!" for most of the chorus.

Go ahead and say I sound like an old woman, "Those youngsters and their loud annoying music". But you can't tell me that you can look me in the eye and say "Flo Rida, Lady GaGa and/or Britney Spears sing very well." If you ask me people should be listening to 80's music more and yes I listen to the same music as my mother, so what? At least it's good music. My favorite music is mostly by The Cure, Blondie and Jack Johnson!(Jack Johnson is not 80's)

I also think it's bad for younger kids. Just so you know my 3 year old cousin listens to "Blame it on the Alcohol". Do you think that's a good thing for a 3 year old to be listening to? I think not. I don't consider what they play on the radio "music" as much as I consider it an attempt at music (a failed attempt). I like Jack Johnson because of his amazing voice and lyrics, it really is rare to come across someone with such a talent for writing and singing.

I'm not saying people should stop listening to it if they really do like it, I just think that artists with a real love and talent for music should get more credit then the ones that do it for fame or money.

Hope you enjoyed my article!


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