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The Plus Side of Dating Someone in a Band

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One may think that dating a busy person in a band is a bad thing, however it really does have its perks. I've been dating my boyfriend now for about thirteen months, and the number of concerts I have been to and musicians that I have met in that time is phenomenal. You're going to want to hold onto your seat once you realize how lucky I am.

My boyfriend is the drummer for the band City Sirens. Although they are not rich and famous, they are very well known around our area, and a few of the provinces surrounding us! They are always busy playing shows. They have at least two shows per week, while practicing all of the days that they are free. Now, being the good girlfriend that I am, I go with my boyfriend to a lot of his shows. Staying up extra late, and killing my eardrums has an upside!

City Sirens was lucky enough to open for Shiloh (a rising solo artist), and I got to meet her. It was very cool to meet someone who I had seen on the television. She was an amazing singer, and it was surprising to see that she was a lot shorter than myself! City Sirens also played with Stereos (a band who got signed because of Disband) a few weeks before they became famous. I got to meet the entire band, and they were all very cool people. They also had an extremely amazing performance. I have also met Everlea, Dean Lickyer, Dead and Divine, Singer of Silverstein, The Arkells lead singer, Brian Melo, and many more.

This Sunday, I was fortunate enough to be with his band at a music festival in our area. There were over 100 amazing bands playing, and about 14 stages. I got a VIP wristband along with the band, and I was allowed back stage to all of the performances. I stood backstage for many of the performances. I was back stage for Stereos, and there were some other famous people back there with me. The Midway State, and the owner of Underground Operations stood inches away from me. I felt very important standing back there. Later on in the evening I was watching Marianas Trench, The Arkells and The Reason, while sitting in a booth with my boyfriend and the lead singer of Dean Lickyer (another band from Disband). It was very neat sitting in a high-class booth with someone who was so well known in Canada. Not only did I get into the festival free, with a VIP pass, but also I got to meet so many cool musicians.

It does get hard sometimes having a boyfriend who goes away on tours for a few weeks at a time. However all of the positive things about it over rule it. I don't want anyone to think I am only dating him because of the people I get to meet. That's not it at all. Seeing the happiness on his face every time he plays is the real reason I go to all of his shows. I would give up meeting any famous person to prove it.

This has been Obvibeaut discussing her opportunities that her boyfriend has given to her.
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