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Jonas Brothers World Tour: Vancouver

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Ever since I bought those tickets at 6:00am it's been an adventure for me. The tickets were to go see my favorite group since 2005, the Jonas Brothers. This was the first time ever they have came to Vancouver and I was super exited to be able to attend this concert with my second row seats!

Nine hours we had to drive. We left our home at 9:00am and arrived in Vancouver at 6:00pm. Weeks before the concert I prepared a poster, it had "Jonas Brothers for life", "Burning Up", and "Love Bug" written on it, as well as their faces drawn. I had been counting down the days until the concert, and now it was finally time to see them.

We pulled into the parking of our hotel, located across from BC Place and a walking distance to General Motors Place where the concert was being held.

The concert wasn't supposed to start till 6:00pm, but from our hotel window we could see girls running down the street toward GM Place, which could only mean one thing . . . the Jonas Brothers must have arrived.

It was only 4:00pm but we grabbed our posters and markers and ran down the street to where all the commotion was happening. We arrived just in time to see the Jonas Brothers SUV's drive into the doors of GM Place with their tinted windows. We couldn't see their faces at all.

For three hours we sat there waiting at the back entrance to the building, hoping to catch a glimpse of the celebrities, we learned from a security guard that the Jonas Brothers got held up at the border and didn't complete their sound check yet, so they wouldn't be coming out to sign autographs, and the concert would be delayed until 7:00pm. During that time of waiting, everyone started screaming. At first I thought it was the Jonas Brothers coming out, but it was only Big Rob, their body guard.

Disappointed, we left the mob and went to line up to get inside. We didn't actually get to our seats until 9:00pm and by then I couldn't feel my legs.

Suddenly all the lights went off, and the opening act ran onto the stage, Honor Society. They played a few songs then they were done.

Next was Jordan Sparks. I got to touch her hand as she walked to the stage. She sang a few more songs than Honor Society, and then she introduced the Jonas Brothers.

Instead of the Jonas Brothers appearing on the stage, their dad, Kevin Jonas did. He introduced a Korean group called the Wonder Girls.

The Wonder Girls sang one song then they were gone.

We waited, and waited, and waited. They were preparing the stage for the Jonas Brothers. It was probably ten minutes before they finally came.

They appeared on the stage with all the smoke, Nick, Joe, and Kevin standing right there before my very eyes.

The fans were screaming like crazy, and my heart was beating so fast.

I couldn't believe it was them!

They sang their songs amazingly. Not lip syncing, actually singing. They sounded just as good - if not better than their cd's.

I'm not going to go into detail about every song they sang but there are a few amazing things that they did.

During their song, "Lovebug", rain started coming down from the ceiling in the form of swirls, hearts, and the JB emblem. The Jonas Brothers were in the rain singing. It was just unbelievable!

During another song, Nick was on the drums in the center of the stage. Joe and Kevin ran out onto an extra side of the stage, and it turned out to be a crane! They were lifted over the audience spraying people with foam. They were directly above my head when Joe looked at me. He looked at me, then pointed my poster out to Kevin, who nodded. Suddenly, foam was soaking me! Joe decided to spray me and my sister with so much foam it was crazy!

The ink on my poster started to run, but instead of being upset about that, I looked to the bright side. I now get to say that Joe Jonas ruined my poster!

There was so many crazy stunts that they did while preforming. They put on quite the show.

Once they were all done, Jordan Sparks, Honor Society, and the Jonas Brothers came out into the center stage and took their bows. Honor Society vanished first, sinking into the floor, then Jordan Sparks, and last but not least, the Jonas Brothers. The last I saw of them was Joe's hand stick out one last time and wave goodbye to the crowd.

If I had to pick one word to describe that concert it would have to be AMAZING!

There was an old saying once. "Good things come to those who wait." That saying proved to be true that night. I waited for hours to see the Jonas Brothers, and I got the best experience of my life from it.

We had extra tickets for the show the next night, so we decided to give them to the radio station. When we walked in, one of the news reporters were there. He took the tickets from us and asked us to review the concert over the radio.

We entered a recording studio and gave a super good review of the concert. It would be broadcast over Vancouver for all to hear - even the Jonas Brothers would probably hear it.

Let's just say that seeing the Jonas Brothers was the best experience of my life and worth the money. If any of you ever get an opportunity to go to one of their concerts, take it. You won't be disappointed.



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