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I stayed up all night on this question. Just thinking about how many break-ups, divorces, and heart breaks happen everyday. Love, I think it's a myth. Could it be I just haven't felt it? Or could it be that people say "I love you" so much but don't mean it.

When people say those magic 3 words, people believe them. It's hypnotizing, and you feel like it could actually be (and who wouldn't take that chance?). Everyone wants love. Everyone wants to be held, and cared for, and to have that special someone in their lives.

I spent my night watching fairy tales, where "true love's kiss could break the spell" and glass slippers made the night magic. At the end they had that wonderful saying, "They lived happily ever after." I sure wish they could promise that. I think people have forgotten what love is, or they are just too busy for it.

I can't even count how many times guys have said they loved me, thought I was amazing . . . called me beautiful. But the fact of the matter is - they never really did. I mean, if you really love someone, I'm guessing you want no other, and they are some kind of "soul mate". I've always heard "There's someone out there for everyone," at the hope I'll find the right one. Or maybe I've already found them but haven't realized it yet.

Love is so confusing. It actually sickens me how people use that word so much. Especially at teenage years, I really wish they wouldn't use that dumb word. No matter how much I think I might know about love by looking it up, I'll never know. Love is magic, it's a miracle. Whether it's a close friend, or a pet, or your sister or your brother, aunts, or uncles, mothers or fathers, grandmas or grandpas.

To me, love is air. It's everywhere, people just don't realize it. Maybe if people really searched for love, and forgot about all the hatred, or the fights, maybe those fairy tales could guarantee that "happily ever after", fairy tales, and real life.

Author's Note: P.S. I am young, and my life is going so fast I don't even know where to start. But here is what I want you, the reader, to think about . . . Before you say "I love you", think to yourself, do you really mean it? Divorces happen all the time, I really hope you take a deep breath and realize what you have, and appreciate the ones you have close to you. Because you never know, when they just might . . . leave. My question was "Can love last forever?" . . . and I still don't have an answer.


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