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Happy Birthday

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I remember the beautiful sunny day as if it was today. The special sunny day I got the best phone call of my life, to hear the magical words, "It's a baby girl named Sarah." I remember the joy I felt as a 5 year old in New York, heading back to Ohio to see the special gift God had blessed our family with.

I didn't care about my first plane ride, all I cared about was seeing the baby girl I'd been promised for long months, my sister. Once I got in the hospital, jumping on the elevator, running through the hallways, I reached the room. I saw my mommy I hadn't seen in a month, and her holding the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in her arms.

"Happy Birthday, Sissy" I told my baby sister. I sat next to my mom on the side of her bed, "Want to hold her?" my mom asked. She already knew the answer. She gently put the precious, small, beautiful baby in my arms. I looked down at my new family member, tears in my eyes. I sat there with my mom for 30 more minutes and we left.

That moment was probably the best moment of my life so far. I had never seen something so beautiful and innocent. For the next 3 days I went to my mommy in the hospital and saw many gifts, and people I didn't even know gave me coloring books and told me, "Congrats on being an older sister."

My dad and I had a talk on my new responsibility - being an older sister. I was told I needed to help mom with the baby, and be a good girl and make good decisions because I was a role model.

It will soon be 7 years since that special day of July 18th, 2002. The day my little sister, the beautiful innocent little baby girl was born. I am proud to be her older sister, she is the best thing to ever happen to me, and I will take care of her, no matter what. I've kept my promise since I was 5.


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