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The Fantastic Two

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Howdy Folks, and welcome to the best comic you may ever read . . . "The Fantastic Two"! Cyclops Girl (KirsKooki, the hot one) and Wonder Woman (Cohenlm) are here to save the day from . . . well, whatever really happens in Whyville and you need someone patriotic and someone with 1 eye.

Our day starts off at a beauty contest in Soma Studios Runways shaking our BOOTAY on the RUNWAY!

Just as everything starts to kick off . . . trouble arrives! Well, actually aliens arrived, but same thing! The alien was taking Kelsey into their spaceship and somebody needed to do something!

Everyone ran away from the Beauty Contest to save themselves, but there was one brave Whyvillian who was there to help! (WHAT!? We were busy eating popcorn! Gosh, you guys expect us to do everything.)

It was finally time for us to do something. The brave Whyvillian grabbed onto the side of the UFO and hung on until they arrived at their destination. Now there were two people in danger. This looked like a job for . . .

Yes Yes, hold your applause. But anyway, we used out super-ultra-cool tracking powers to find the two Whyvillians so we could save them. Cyclops Girl and Wonder Woman finally arrived where the aliens were keeping the two girls. Never fear. The Fantastic Two were here!

Just as we arrived though, the aliens must have known we were there, because the alarm went off. Just at the sight of panic, Kelsey had a great idea!

Just as we were teleporting to Saturn, Kelsey got sucked into space into a never-ending black hole. Poor Kelsey. Oh well . . . She'll be fine. Well anyway, right when we arrived at Saturn we all realized we couldn't breathe! Luckily there was a ship hanging around Saturn that we could use.

We all sailed across Whyville where we finally arrived at Grandma's house. We had some tea, relaxed, and just brushed the whole thing off our shoulders.

It sure is tough being The Fantastic Two. Saving lives all the time, it's making us tired just thinking about it. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for another episode of . . . Drum roll please . . . "The Fantastic Two"!

Authors Note: Special thanks for everyone who devoted their time into being in the comic. Dogz9909, KelseyXD, Nevada777, alysonv, Ibecookie, and mjkk.


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