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Attack of the Bad Tour Guide: Part 2

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Hello there, this is Ps2man1 with another episode of the series, "Attack of the Bad Tour Guide". In the last episode, we left off with our sassy star, Shaniqua finishing off her tour of the planets of Whyville. Little did she know, one tour was not enough to win the award for "Best Tour Guide" of June, so she decided to check in at the Sunroof before this episode's tour.

After hanging out at the Sunroof for a while, Shaniqua immediately started off on her tour. She found two Newbies that needed to be shown around, and started off on her tour of the beaches of Whyville!

Shaniqua first went to the South Beach and answered the questions of the Newbies. She insisted that her answers were scientifically proven and that they were better than any other tour guide could've answered the questions.

After, Shaniqua brought her tour group to the North Beach. The Newbies found it equally disgusting as the South Beach, but one was more interested in The Whyville Cove, and wanted to visit. They would have, but as Shaniqua would say "Shaniqua ain't trynna win no 'Most Street Team Recruits' award, but maybe she shoulda!"

Shaniqua then brought her Newbies to the Beach Waterfall.

After, Shaniqua walked to the Beach Grotto and her tour members followed her. They are interested in small details of the room and Shaniqua alters her thoughts on their intelligence levels.

The cat's obsession with the fish made Shaniqua bring the Newbies to the Beach's South Reef.

Shaniqua decided that the blue and yellow fish were pretty and she had to get her nails done like that. She would also love to remind you all that the reef needs to be saved, especially because she saw "some nasty dead fish and a boat going by with a net, and Shaniqua couldn't even count the fish because they was in the net!".

(We interrupt you for a short advertisement from Attack of the Bad Tour Guide's Sponsors)

After the reef, Shaniqua had to go, and so the tour ended.

Let's see how the Newbies rated the tour:

Newbie 1 (The Cat, Username: Da1Kitty): i luv'd that tour bcuz kitties luv fish and i am a kitty and there were a lot of fish n so da tour was good. Amazing!
Newbie 2 (With the green and black hair, Username: GlassWall): that was interesting i sorta liked it but she was rude sorta. Okay!

Shaniqua will be back next week with the third episode, and this time, she will be club hopping, or bringing the Newbies to all of the clubs of Whyville! I have to go bring Shaniqua to "get her nails did".

Until next time,


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