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What comes to mind when you think of Whyville? Scions, clams, face parts, pearls . . . the list goes on and on. Although some of us may spend hours on Whyville trying to succeed (think higher salaries and rare face parts), sometimes we forget about the little things that can make a big difference. Why do we love Whyville so much? It's not just the clams. It's making friends, having fun, and doing our part as citizens to inspire others and build a stronger community. You may hear those phrases often, but to me the best part of Whyville is finding those people who really represent what Whyville is all about, because these people are the reason we all love it here and continue to keep coming back.

The next time you find yourself at the Trading Post or shopping for face parts at Akbar's, take your avatar to South Beach and start a conversation with someone. Look around at all of the different citizens. Whyville is such a diverse place that you can never really get bored. Once you stop caring so much about what your avatar looks like, you'll really be able to notice others. After all, the salaries and the clams are only a game. Meeting some of the citizens around you will mean so much more to you later on than how many pearls you had and how pretty your avatar was. You may even be inspired by some of the people you meet. I know I was, when I met cutie123.

It all started in the Meadow. I was complaining about how I had been trying to save my clams for years and could never afford a Scion. None of my friends were on Whyville, and I did not really have anyone to talk to. I tried to start random conversations with other citizens, but all I could think about was the Scion that I wanted so badly. After talking with a Newbie for about five minutes, I decided to move to another room. I was about to click my way to the Grotto when another citizen in the room told me to wait.

cutie123: Are you trying to save for a Scion?
cc126: Yeah, but no matter how much I save I always end up spending it.
cutie123: Go to the Trading Post.

As soon as I arrived, I found cutie123 waiting for me in Room 23. I started to ask why she had wanted me to come here for, but when I looked up my jaw dropped. 20,000 clams!? For me? Was she serious?

She told me to put up 1 clam, or another small item. This girl was generous and kind enough to give me these clams for free, I being someone she hardly knew! When she found out how badly I wanted a Scion, she offered to give me those 20,000 clams to help me pay. Before accepting her gift though, she made me promise her something.

cutie123: You have to buy a Scion with these clams. You can't waste them on other things, or spend them all away. Buy a Scion!

When I remember back to when she gave me these clams, I can not help but smile. I was so happy to receive these clams, and it seemed like a million clams to me at the time. To this day I have never met someone more selfless and giving than her, and I am still looking for a way to repay her. Even if I had lost all of those clams, the fact that someone was willing to give up that much for me meant so much more than a Scion ever would.

So the next time you are on Whyville, stop thinking about the clams, face parts, and pearls. Instead, focus on inspiring others and letting others inspire you. Remember: it's the little things that can truly make a big difference.

Bye for now,

Author's Note: Cutie123 is a made up name to protect the privacy of the citizen.


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