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A Different Life: Part Nine

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I ran and ran. I ran past Ms. Willow, past Mr. Jones, and past all the other adults there. And just kept on running.

I missed running fast, like when I had my powers. Feeling the wind blow through my blonde hair, feeling it wisp past me. I never had to pay attention where I was going then, but now I do. I found that out after I ran into a telephone pole.

I touch my nose to see if it was bleeding -- it wasn't. I checked my arm, legs and my ankles to see if I broke anything. Nothing. I had to have cut or bruised myself, I wasn't tough anymore.

I walked back to the orphanage tired, I ran a long ways. I stopped in front of the orphanage, and looked at it. I looked back to the way I came from, only to find that the telephone pole I ran into was three yards away.

Ms. Willow walked out of the building with an envelope in her hand, and she saw me.

"Sadie! Thank goodness you're alright!" she said with much excitement and hugged me.

"Hi Ms. Willow. I a . . . went for a walk?"

"You went for a jog," she corrected.

"Yeah, I went for a jog!"

Ms. Willow brought me into the same room I met Al, and Marybeth.

"I don't want to go in here," I said planting my feet into the ground.

"The family is nice, I already met the kids and everything," Ms. Willow replied pushing me through the door. And she won.

"Hi! I'm Elizabeth, and this is my husband Dave," said the woman.

Elizabeth was good looking. You could tell by her tan and body shape that she was born and raised in California. The beach blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She also had a good fashion sense, unlike sloppy Al and Marybeth with their 22 year old boy.

Dave was also good looking. His hair was cut short like Drew Seeley's hair. His red-orange hair looked great with his dark, blue eyes.

"Hi," I replied then asked the question, "Do you have any kids?"

"Ah, yes we do," said Elizabeth taking Dave's hand. "We have 14 kids."

My mouth dropped open. "14?"

"Yes," said Dave. "But if we adopt you, then that'll be 15."

"Are all of them, not adopted?"

"Yes, all of them. Seven girls, well, hopefully eight girls, and seven boys."

"Yes, yes, yes, yes."

"Yes what?" asked Elizabeth.

"I want you guys to adopt me."


"Ready to sign the papers?" asked Ms. Willow. She was eavesdropping, it was obvious.

"Yes, we are."

Ms. Willow handed Elizabeth and Dave a stack of papers and asked them to sign. Elizabeth's signature was beautiful. Her E was a backwards 3. And in her last name, Hill, the "I" was dotted with a heart, as well as her "I" in Elizabeth. Dave's, on the other hand, was sloppy. His "D" looked like a sideways "A", and Hill was a sloppy mess.

"Sadie, please sign," Ms. Willow said handing me a paper.

I signed Sadie, but then before I signed Hagen, I asked, "Hill or Hagen?"

"Hagen, for now, after you walk into their house, you'll become Sadie Grace Hill," said Ms. Willow.

So, I signed with Hagen, for the last time.


"You're going to love our house," said Elizabeth. "It's so clean and actually smells good, unlike the orphanage."

"Sorry Sadie, Elizabeth loves to talk about our house," said Dave while driving and looked at Elizabeth in the passenger seat. "Right?"


Dave pulled up, we got out and started to walk to the house. He unlocked the door and yelled, "Kids, meet your new sister, Sadie."

They all stood in a line, from tallest to shortest, I guess from oldest to youngest though.

"This is Justin, Bridgett, Garrett, Michelle, Chelsea, Travis, Josh, Taylor, Jaycie, Bailee, Caleb, Logan, Harmony, and Matthew," said Elizabeth, pointing to the kids in height order.

"And kids, meet Sadie," Dave added.

I smiled at all my new brothers and sisters, grateful for a new family.

And now I'm not Sadie Grace Hagen anymore, I'm . . .

Sadie Grace Hill.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this one, and enjoy it for two weeks! I won't be able to write/send in the next one for next week. I'm going to camp.


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