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Band Profile: City Sirens

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Last week, I did an article called, "The Plus Side of Dating Someone in a Band". In this article I mentioned that the name of the band is City Sirens: a rising band from Ontario, Canada. In this article I will be talking to you about the members, the music, as well as the things that they have accomplished.

I decided to do this article because of all of the feedback that I received about their band. Many people took it into their own hands, and listened to their music. Some people even knew about them already! I was ecstatic with all of the great things that people told me!

City Sirens is a band of five. Mike the lead singer, Fraser the backup vocalist/bassist, Eric the guitarist, Ryan the guitarist, and Jake the drummer. Their music does not fall into any one category. They have been told that they sound a bit like reggae/ska, mixed with rock. City Sirens has made two albums, and sold over 500 copies of their first album within the first 4 months. They sold out their CD Release show, with a line up of people that had to be turned away at the door.

During the March break, City Sirens toured in Montreal, Quebec, and were extremely successful. They are doing another tour in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and PEI in August for two weeks. Then when they come back, they have the busiest September of their lives, as they move into touring in British Columbia, and Alberta in October. City Sirens has played with artists such as Shiloh, Stereos and Dean Lickyer.

I personally love going to all of their shows. The music is very enjoyable, and the lyrics get stuck in my head for hours. I challenge you to look them up and listen to a song or two. Then discuss in the BBS what you thought about it. Did you enjoy it? Did you hate it? What do you think needs improvement? Write about anything! I want to hear all of your opinions; after all, that's what the BBS is for.

Thanks for reading my article!

Signing off to listen to some City Sirens.


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