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Everyone has a dream of some sort. Whether it is something you see in your head when you sleep, or what you want to do with your life, we all have them.

Every night when you sleep, chances are you have a dream. There are a couple different types of dreams you can have. Lucid dreams are dreams that can be controlled. Most people will wake up once they are conscious of the fact that they are dreaming, but sometimes you become an active participant in decision making, and can end the dream how you want to without waking up. Cool, huh?

Recurring dreams are the kind you have over and over again, but usually don't know what they mean. I have a recurring dream where a garbage truck drives through my room, and kills me in my sleep. It happens about once a week for me. Until you figure out what these dreams mean, they won't stop happening.

Your inner fortune teller kicks in during predictive dreams. As the name is self explanatory, you predict things that will happen in the future. There have been studies that show that there may be a link between these kinds of dreams and deja vu.

Nightmares are scary. They take a fear that you have, and turn it into a scenario, which can sometimes help you get over the fear, or prepare you if something like this ever happens in real life.

Figuring out what your dreams mean can be difficult. One time I had a dream, and all I could see was pink. I was just floating in this big, pink space. Then all of the sudden it turned black with green polka dots, and then I woke up. Seriously, what the heck is that supposed to mean?!? Most always, dreams have a purpose, even if we don't know what they mean, they could be helping us, even if we don't remember what happened in them. Crazy, isn't it?

We all have dreams of what we want to do with our lives. Like me, I want to graduate high school, go to college for music, get married at 25, adopt a 10 year old girl at 28, all while teaching children about music. Now, it's very unlikely for my life to turn out exactly like this. But having a dream makes life more interesting, and helps you get some of what you want, if not all.

Do you ever feel embarrassed telling people what you want to do with your life? Like, if you tell the truth, you'll get looked down on because they aren't practical, or people feel like you can achieve more? Don't let anyone tell you it's wrong to dream. We all need to have little fantasies, because reality gets a little boring every once in a while. And finally, very little is impossible if you apply yourself.

Sweet dreams,


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