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Optimism 101

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Pronunciation [op-tuh-mis-tik]
1. disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.

I was sitting here thinking to myself wow, I really want to write an article. So I did. I spent two hours writing an article to then later find myself deleting it. I decided to write about something that interested me more, optimisim.

Imagine this, you're running late for a party, your parents are working, everyone you know is already at this big event, you have no way to get there besides foot, you are all dressed up running through the city looking like a fool then, to make things worse, you fall and it starts to rain. This is a pretty bad situation, it could hardly get much worse and instead of sitting there, crying out of frustration you sit there laughing. Like I said it can't get much worse so it has to get much better, you pick yourself up off of the ground and away you go. Sure, your outfit may be ruined but soon you'll grow out of it, sure it may be raining but after it rains it shines. So maybe you're late but showing up to a party too soon will make it seem like you kind of had nothing better to do.

I believe that every situation has a positive outlook no matter what, you could test me anyway possible with every situation and I bet that I could come up with something positive. In my own opinion, if the world focused on the positive more than they focused on the negative than I think this world could truly be a better place. It's been proven that, it takes more muscles in your face to frown than it does to smile. Do you honestly want to hang out with a person who only seems to stay focused on the negative aspects of life or do you want to hang out with someone who can just get over it and come out with a smile on their face?

Throughout the years in the real world and the Internet world I have met both optimistic and pessimistic people, I have met the annoying optimistic types who are just so darn perky I'm just sitting there thinking, "Dear lord if this person doesn't shut up I am going to smack them" and I have met the oh so pessimistic type where I have actually smacked them for being such a downer. Now, I'm not saying both are bad, just they both need to balance each other out for an overall nirvana like state of mind.

So before you start telling me what you think about this article, just answer one question for me.

Is your glass half empty or half full?

Author's Note: This article was just written for fun and in case you are wondering, my glass is half full and it always will be :).


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