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Our Newest Senators

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As you know the polls have closed for the Whyville senator election! And the winners are: rain15133, ducky464, and steve6! I took the time to interview them.

MaximumD2: As a Whyville Senator, do you and will you bring joy to Whyville or just the let the other senators and the site do the work?

steve6: I am definitely going to step up and be a leader because that is what the citizens of Whyville elected me to do! I will do whatever I can to make Whyville a better place, and present some new and exciting ideas to the City Workers! The other senators and I will work together with the City Workers to accomplish what have set out to do as senators.
rain15133: I will do my best to fulfill everything I can do. I know I won't get all my ideas accomplished. There is only so little time to do so. But I will be trying my absolute best to do everything and live up to why the citizens of Whyville elected me as a senator! So I am not just going slack back and let them do the work. I will work with them and bring changes to Whyville.
ducky464: I do, and will bring joy around Whyville. I am an active member and I try to get to know as many people as possible. I also give advice to anyone who asks. I was elected by these citizens, so I will do my best to please everyone. I want to make a difference while I am in term. I also want to work together with the other senators.

MaximumD2: What will you bring to Whyville?

steve6: I will bring new and exciting ideas to Whyville, but also improve on already existing features.
rain15133: I will try bringing the majority of my ideas to Whyville, that are very possible to bring to Whyville. I have a lot of ideas on the plate. So I won't be able to get every one of them accomplished. I also have to remember that I am not the only senator. Steve6 and ducky464 are also with me. So we all have to communicate and work well to bring Whyville more fun and entertainment!
ducky464: I will bring more unity to this site. As my platform stated, I have many ideas. Now is the time to start buckling down and talking to the City Workers to see if we can get any of them put into action.

MaximumD2: Will you fix the little problems or start a new project?

steve6: I would like to start a few new projects (Whycourt, having shops where you can sell the stuff you own, not just the stuff you design, and a few more which can be found in my Times article), however I would also like to fix the little problems (being able to choose design area size in SDVs, saving certain mail messages, and of course a few more ideas which can also be found in my times article).
rain15133: I believe that the little problems are always trying to be fixed or in the process of being fixed. I think we are all going to try to bring something completely new to whyville.
duck464: I'd like to do both.

MaximumD2: And lastly, is there anything you would like to announce to Whyville?

steve6: Citizens of Whyville, thank you so much for electing me to be one of your summertime senators! Feel free to mail me if you have any ideas, comments, concerns, or just want to talk and get to know me! I will not disappoint you Whyville!
rain15133: I don't have much to announce besides that I am extremely happy I get this opportunity. I'm also happy I get to work with ducky464 and steve6. I know we will try our best to fulfill our ideas and Whyville needs. But people do have to be patient. It's not something that can just happen when you want. It takes time, And any other former senator would understand that. So we will try our best to make the citizens of Whyville enjoy it more and try to bring more people on the site!
duck464: I would like to thank everyone who supported me to get this far in the election. I could not have done it without you all. I'd also like to say good job to everyone who made it into the top 6. You are all outstanding. Also great job to rain15133 and steve6.

This is MaximumD2. See you next next time.

Author's Note: Congratulations to our newest senators. And nice try and good job to our top six.


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