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New Senators!

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As we all know, our newly elected senators are steve6, ducky464, and rain15133. Congratulations! You put up one heck of a fight! You did an awesome job campaigning and the Whyville citizens are so proud of you. Hopefully, during your reign, you can fulfill your duties and maintain a fun and educational environment. Good luck to you!

A couple people I met around Whyville would like to say something to you, too!

MeetTerry: Man, I think Ducky464 is gonna be great. I LOVE YOU DUCKY. DUCKYDUCKYDUCKY ;D

Quack Quack . . . Thank you, Terry!

Unicorn51: Hey! I'm so proud that you guys made it to be top three for this election. And another congrats to the top six too, they have put a lot of effort into the race. I hope that you senators have good luck. Also, maybe see you in next election. I might be running!

Watch out for River! Interested in running for a future Senate Race? Keep reading to find out more 411!

NEONflats: Congrats on winning the senate race, Mira. (ducky464). You deserve it for being so sweet to everyone. People like you are hard to find on Whyville these days!

Aww! That's so sweet.

So if you see our new leaders around Whyville then make sure you tell them, "Congratulations."

Also, a sincere congrats to the other part of the top six! You guys did AWESOME and did very well! Hopefully you give campaigning another shot and run again in October. You are all winners!

So, are you interested in running? Then, that's great! Not sure where to start? Well how about the minor details?

* The next Senate Race starts up in October.
* Elections usually start on the first Wednesday of February, June, and October.
* You must first enter a platform for citizens/supporters to read to make sure they want to support your policies. (Whyville is currently not excepting platforms. They will start excepting in October.)
* To qualify for the election, you must be on Whyville for 90 days. (About 3 months.)
* You must pay a 500-clam platform entry fee.
* Get some promising policies and loyal supports!
* Make some signs and be ready to dedicate some serious time to Whyville.

For more detailed information, check out the May 31st 2009 issue of the Times and look for the article "Senate Race 2009 - Part II".

Well, good luck to our senators and have fun with your job!



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