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The End: Part 6

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I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My daughter was just freshly buried. My son was fighting for a child that Aimee didn't even want. The baby girl, with a perfect little face, an exact imprint of Joshua and Desiree's, was dead. And Aimee was following very closely behind.

Alice's words that meant forever now meant weeks. "I'll love you until the day our entire family dies." I stared on in shock, Alice's expression the same as mine, as Aimee died, and Joshua went to save his baby.

Aimee screamed, over and over again, and then there was light. A child, barely even a toddler, stood in the middle of it. She held in her hands . . . A mirror? No . . . Not a mirror. It turned liquid when we stared into it, and it dissolved to the ground. Aimee closed her eyes, and it started seeping towards her. The child was beyond beautiful, with beautiful purple eyes, long black hair, a creamy tan skin tone. It was then I realized that this was Desiree, as an infant, if we would have let her age normally. "Mommy," she sighed.

Alice's eyes widened as she saw the child's gaze was not directed at her, but at Aimee. I looked at Alice, who was about to lose her mind. The child walked, and the light faded. "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy," the little girl whispered, walking slowly to Aimee. Aimee's eyes opened in anger, as she stared at the beautiful child with the glimmering violet eyes. "No! No, no, no!" Aimee screamed, denying the little girl. Her eyes teared over, and she wailed, an eerie, musical sound. "No!" Aimee screeched again. The child looked at me, then Alice, as she cried, and Alice fell to her knees.

"Desiree Nailani," Alice whispered as she held her hands out to the beautiful baby, who smiled in response. The baby girl walked gracefully to Alice, slowly. Alice's smile was so bright, her tears streaking over her cheeks, I saw love in her eyes for this little girl. How could Aimee deny a baby so adorable, so precious? When Alice and I had taken to her immediately, how did she deny this baby, who was genetically part of her?

Alice took the little girl into her arms, and embraced her. She picked her up, cradling her in her arms, and the baby smiled brightly, an exact replica of Desiree's smile. Marcus rose, staring at the baby in Alice's arms, and wept, seeing the resemblance between Desiree and Desiree Nailani.

Aimee stared at the baby with searing hatred, and the baby Marcus had stolen screeched. I was confused, puzzled, as Joshua picked her up and stared at her. Aimee was pale with shock, abnormal. "The one you hold, Alice, is the demon I just had, but in the future. The one Joshua holds is another one. I feel the difference," Aimee said with clear shock. The hair on Desiree Nailani was not black, but a strangely dark shade of blue.


I loved this little girl, even if Aimee didn't. It wasn't the strange resemblance between her and Desiree, but I felt tied to her when I looked at her. And Joshua had handed off another baby to my Josh, and rumbling erupted from behind me. I looked around, startled, and frightened. But Desiree Nailani and the nameless baby stayed calm, happy even, as the rumbling got louder, and faster. Josh gave Marcus the baby, and crouched in front of me, and then I saw the strangest sight.

My baby girl erupted from the ground staring at us with a glare of hate. She walked slowly, covered in mud, and growled. She hurled grave dirt, and stared at me with her piercing blue eyes.

"You . . . Buried . . . Me . . . Alive." Desiree accused between coughs that consisted of expelling dirt from her mouth, and pointed an accusing finger at us. "No . . . We thought you were dead. The lightning . . ." Aimee muttered. "Shut up, Aimee," Desiree hissed, "Give me my baby girl," she said softly. "Which one?" Joshua asked. "Two?!" Desiree's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I nodded, and she took the blue haired child out of my arms.

"Aren't you a unique girl?" Des cooed softly, rocking the toddler. She smiled, and snuggled into Desiree. Desiree's tears dripped off of her chin, a wide smile crossing her face. "Thank you, Aimee and Joshua, for my daughter," Desiree whispered. Joshua nodded, and Aimee grunted angrily. Something Desiree had said had struck a match and started a flame inside of her.

Desiree shook her head and caked my face with mud, lightly putting her daughter in my arms. Desiree snarled so lowly and steadily, she sounded like a purring cat. She was crouched in a light one, ready to fight if Aimee's strength came rushing back.


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