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I'm guessing you might have a best friend, and that best friend is one of the many important people who you trust and can confide in with anything you need. Well I've met some amazing people here on Whyville and I believe one of my best friends has to be Obvibeaut. You may have heard of her from her very own Whyville Beauty Pageant and if you have, that is also how I met her. We've been friends for over two years now and even though we may argue sometimes, I know she'll always be there for me. Let's hear what Obvibeaut has to say about friendship!

Nine0swag: Hey Obvibeaut! I was telling all of Whyville how friendly you are. Can you tell us some things you do to help Whyville and the citizens of Whyville?

Obvibeaut: Basically, I love helping out everyone I can. If a newcomer needs any help, I can send them face parts and clams. I also love helping people out with advice about Whyville and life. Many people have Y-mailed me asking me how to write for the Times, and about how to go places on Whyville. Another thing that I do is hold my Mr/Miss Whyville Pageant. I give people of all ages, genders, etc. a chance to use their personality to win a beauty contest instead of the normal BC that is merely based on looks.

I believe that everyone is beautiful on the inside. This is why my account is obvibeaut [ob-vee-beau], because everyone is 'obviously beautiful.' Another thing that I do is write articles for the Times. Not all of the articles I send get published, but hey, at least I tried. I think that writing for the Times helps out Whyville, and the citizens a lot. It gives the citizens something to read. The Times is my favorite thing about Whyville. I cannot wait for every Sunday when the new version comes out! All in all, I love helping out my fellow citizens. In a world where everyone's the same, dare to be different.

Nine0swag: Wow, you really ARE amazing! So Obvibeaut, what do you think the most important thing to have in friendship is, whether it be honesty, trustworthiness, etc etc?

Obvibeaut: I believe that the most important thing to have in friendship is trust. I cannot be good friends with someone that I do not trust. In order for me to have a good friendship with someone, I need to trust everything that they say is true, and that they will not keep things from me.

Nine0swag: I agree all the way, 110%. Trust plays a very big role in friendship.

So now you have a piece of information to share with your friends, as long as they're your true friends. These friends will be with you through the ups and the downs, the good times and the bad times. So never give up on them and never give up on yourself!

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." -Anais Nin

Going to call my best friend,


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