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My Dog Cheeko

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I'm writing about someone really special to me in my life. He's someone I wake up to every morning, someone I tuck in at night. He's a dog. His name is Cheeko. Cheeko is not just any ordinary dog, well, everybody feels that way about their dogs. Cheeko is the kind of dog who's really playful with other dogs, but I often keep him away because he jumps on the smaller ones. You could probably tell by his name he's really small so we don't often come across smaller dogs! Cheeko is also the kind of dog who can play fetch. But when he gets the ball he lies down, chewing it. Sometimes the only way I can get him to come over is to crumple up some plastic (he really likes food, and his food is packaged in plastic).

One time my mom laid out a training pad (that's where dogs go to the washroom in the house). She told him "this is your washroom". He sleeps there now! Have you ever heard of such a thing? He still uses our carpet as a toilet . . . but I love him either way. I'm just happy he's small, so his waste is small. He likes racing me when I take him for a walk. Whenever I pass him he tries to keep up, and when I run, he runs after me. Sometimes it's the only way I can get him to follow me when he's distracted (running). He's a really friendly dog, especially to humans. Cheeko gets really excited when somebody comes through our front door. Have you ever had a dog jump on you a lot? Well, Cheeko can't actually jump on anybody except a baby, but he does try.

Cheeko can also be a real pain. When it comes down to it, having a dog can be a real pain. Cheeko is always barking in the middle of the night, or when he scratches on our washroom door because he thinks we're leaving the house! Eventually he'll get that we can't actually exit out of our washroom except maybe out the window, but that would be more difficult than it has to be. You always have to make sure they get a lot of exercise, make sure they're fed, give them lots of love and attention, and clean up their mess (yuck). But I couldn't really imagine life without Cheeko and all the great things he brings to our family, especially responsibility and a whole lot of love. He's a cute, friendly addition to our family. I wouldn't trade him in for the world, and I mean that.

Here's a photo of Cheeko, isn't he cute?

Cheeko is a white and black Shih Tzu, the brown spots on his face are just stains from tears. Dogs tend to tear up, but don't worry, he doesn't really cry much. He's a pretty happy dog. Shih Tzus were pets of Chinese Royalty, and also believe to have been the dogs of the Tibet royalty as well. Shih Tzus are among smaller breeds of dogs, and are a bit bulky.

A Faithful Dog

A faithful dog will play with you
and laugh with you or cry
He'll gladly starve to stay with you
nor ever reason why
And when you're feeling out of sorts
somehow he'll understand
He'll watch you with his shining eyes
and try to lick your hand

His blind, implicit faith in you
is matched by his great love-
The kind that all of us should have
in the master, up above,
When everything is said and done,
I guess it isn't odd.
For when you spell dog backwards,
you get the name of God.

-Author Unknown


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