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Counter Productive

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As popsicle dripped down the contours of my fingers and my face was caressed by the morning light that was like faith held by lovers hands, I thought. I thought of everything that could have possibly happened. Not about anything in particular, just in general. Am I happy? Sometimes I think that's an abstract concept that isn't attainable, just as "perfect" is a word reserved for Jesus and the lord himself . . . Or Gods in general. I really think that happy is a myth. Because I feel many emotions at once and sometimes there isn't words for the mood I am. In all the words created by man there is nothing to explain these feelings. Perhaps its a mixture; perhaps it just hasn't been named yet. Whatever the case, I ponder.

I ponder the creation of Earth. I ponder human existence. I ponder society as we know it. I ponder lots of things that people never even consider wrong or just mundane. I also think about why I'm eating a popsicle of my morning walk. That is in fact, counter productive. But the walk still makes my calves burn with passionate fury. I'm not walking anywhere in particular. There's nothing for me to walk toward; just open empty space ready for me to tread on its magnificent face. Earth is pretty beautiful, if you think about it. There's many types of land for all types of animals, including people. I myself, hate the beach but absolutely adore the city. Chicago, Italy (yes, all of it), Montreal, and Boston are the best places on Earth, in my opinion.

Chicago amazed me a couple years ago. It's so alive and so beautiful that it took my breath away. The sidewalk was like a red carpet and this was my home, even though it was my first time visiting. And the rail ride to downtown was even a new experience to me. Outside the terminals waited a man dressed as Jesus giving away free Orbit gum. I will never forget that. And on the way back inside the terminal, I saw Mormons. Which amazed me, for some weird reason. I will never forget that city and how it IS my home.

Italy. What can I say. The most gorgeous landscape, people, and food ever in my entire life. One memory that sticks out the most, was eating in a basement with the 60 other teenagers on our trip. The food was delicious and I fully enjoyed my meal. The hefty built chef himself served us all. My friend Tracie ended up spilling her water and he pulled the entire table cloth out from under our plates without spilling anything. Other people were complaining about the mans food in hearing distance of the man. I genuinely felt sorry for the nice man and hugged him on our way out. I will never forget Italy's people. Especially that jolly man that made my dinner experience memorable. And Montreal and Boston I have never actually been. But it's as if I have a calling of some sort to visit there. I'm actually considering McGill University in Montreal. And Mass. Art in Boston for college.

I guess there isn't a stand out point to this article. Besides the fact that being counter productive, is in the end, productive. So go eat a popsicle and ponder life.



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