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Many people look at others and think, "Wow. They're so perfect. I want to be them, I want to be in their shoes!" Why? Maybe they're attractive and rich, or attractive and the head cheerleader or the quarterback. Maybe they're beautiful both inside and out. But they aren't perfect. And neither are you.

Why do you want to be them? You're beautiful as well, though it may not be physical, you have beauty. What if they're a jerk? Do you want to be them now? And if they're abused at home, or they have mental issues, I'm almost certain you don't want to be them. Flaws exist. Embrace them, own them. You're your own person, don't change to be "perfect" because it does not exist. And if you still thrive for perfection, be prepared to be disappointed, because nobody is perfect.

Most people have probably heard, "Nobody is perfect but God, because He created everything in His image, but with free will," or something along those lines. It's true. We're imperfect. And I'm not going to say He exists or not, because that's beside the point. You're imperfect. Don't take it as an insult, you're only human. It's only natural to be someone who isn't perfect.

Don't go for the image of the person you think is perfect. Perfect does not exist. Perfect is an exaggeration, it's not true. Though in certain cases, it is. I believe everybody has someone made for them out there. They are your perfect match. You should not change yourself majorly. If people consider you a "prep", then don't change to please them. You can't be perfect for everybody. Own that adjective! Be who you are! If they call you "Goth", "Emo", "Scene", or "Punk," then ignore them. Smile and say, "I can't please everybody. I am who I am." Don't let them make you feel inferior, because they have flaws, too.

Don't look at yourself and see perfection, see yourself. See all of your pros and your cons, and know you're beautiful inside. I believe perfection is a state of mind, which is why it doesn't exist. Because you have flaws, and if you think you don't, you're as imperfect as it gets. Knowing your flaws is how you can be perfect to yourself. Your opinion on yourself is the one that matters most. If you know your flaws, and your positive aspects, you're as close to perfect as you can get. Don't let anybody get you down. Ever. Rise above it, shake it off and rise up to be the best you can be. And while the people who thought they were perfect, and you wanted to be, are sitting at the bottom of the hole, they'll look up at you, and think YOU'RE perfect. You'll be not only out of the hole, but you'll be on a pedestal where you belong, because the negative comments did not affect you. They strengthened you.

To help some, I can list some of my flaws. Not only physical, I'm not that shallow. But, I overreact frequently. I have the tendency to swear at people frequently, to the point where teachers have threatened suspension. Sometimes, I have to say something negative about someone who I portray as perfect to make myself feel better. I get jealous of my friends because they were raised by their parents, and claim to hate them so much, while I just wanted a hug from my mom my whole childhood.

Just be yourself, and let the trash talk go through one ear and out the other. There will be more than one occasion in your life where you feel inferior and imperfect. Don't! You're equals with everybody else, and we're all on the same boat



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