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In Good Times and in Bad

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Let's face it. Life is a complex, confusing, scary and beautiful journey we embark on when we are born. It is filled with mysteries, sorrow, happiness, and just plain old craziness. It brings us days where we feel on top of the world, but it also gives us days where we feel horrible and worthless. Bottom line: life gives you the good but also the bad.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself right now, "But why can't it just give us the good times? Why can't life just be all about happiness and joy?" Well, sure. That would make everything a whole lot easier. That's just it, though. Life would become too easy. There would be nothing to really experience anymore, nothing to learn from. How would we ever be able to gain more knowledge from our mistakes if there were no mistakes to begin with? Frankly, it would just be too perfect, and absolute perfection gets boring after a while.

Life has a natural balance of good and bad. It's like yin and yang, we cannot take one without the other being there with it. If there was no sorrow, how would we feel happiness? If there was no pain, how would we know what joy is? The answer is that we wouldn't. There would be no immense waves of emotion anymore. Everything would just become one big routine, with no surprises lurking around the corner. The entire human race would all just become one big apathetic species of robots. Our journeys would all be boring. There would be nothing to truly live for, and we would all feel the same way till the day we die. Sounds depressing, right?

Like I said earlier, we would also lose our ability to learn. Throughout our lives, we will make many, many mistakes and errors. It is one of our duties to learn from those mistakes and become wiser in the future. If there were no mistakes, we would never be able to improve ourselves. We would always just stay the same and never feel accomplished about anything. There would be nothing to strive for and nothing to keep us going.

Every person deals with their share of hardships, with some more than others. At the young age of 15, I have already experienced many struggles, such as self-mutilation and depression. I have emerged through those hardships as a stronger, more respectable young adult. I'm not saying that I particularly loved going through them. It was very challenging, and at times, I felt almost hopeless. However, if I hadn't experienced those bad times, I would not be the person I am today and would not have acquired the knowledge I have obtained.

To really experience life, we must keep an open mind. We need to remember that without the bad, there would be no good and vice versa. Yes, we will continue to experience hard times, but we must keep in mind that without those hard times, we will never grow as a person. I plan on embracing everything life throws at me with open arms. Are you willing to do so, too?

This is lovely432, going to finish her summer reading.


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