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The End: Part 7

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I was shocked when Aimee stared at Desiree with hatred blazing in her eyes like a flame. "Your daughter? What about the other?" Aimee hissed as she tried to stand. Her strength failed her, and she collapsed into Joshua's arms. "I . . . don't see good things coming from the infant," Desiree whispered. "Ominous aura surrounding her," I agreed. I still had that sensitivity, extremely difficult to deal with, but I hid it when the area we were standing in turned bright red. It got deeper as it went towards Aimee, meaning she was the source of the negativity. I stopped, and stared at the infant. She cried, and the little girl that Desiree was holding wailed as well. She clenched her hands to her ears, and howled, and I whined in protest, sinking into the shadows away from her.

Desiree hissed. "That abomination of an infant must be destroyed!" Aimee screamed. I realized Desiree was tapped into the infant's mind, seeing the future that was in it's deep subconscious. "Kill it now!" Desiree screamed. "Why?" Joshua whispered, staring at her in confusion. "If it lives, it's game over for humanity and everything else!" Aimee screamed. I stared at the infant, how Demonic it looked! Desiree looked angrily at Aimee.

"You," she accused, pointing a muddy finger. "You brought upon us the end!" Desiree shrieked. The child wailed when Marcus touched it, and Aimee screamed in response. "Stop!" Aimee shrilled. "It's connected to Aimee . . . If you harm it, you harm Aimee," Desiree noted. "Newborn Reapers come in twos, and one will claim the mother if it is destroyed." Josh said softly. "If you kill the baby, Aimee will die before it. It will stay tied to Aimee forever, and it cannot be tamed if the mother's heart goes off before it's born. So . . . there's now no way to prevent this from going wrong," Josh said somberly. I stared blankly at Aimee. "There's only one way to kill it off without killing Aimee. But it involves the death of another Reaper, and there hasn't been another Reaper besides us created in centuries. One of us has to die if we want it to die," Josh finished.

All eyes but mine, Desiree's, and Marcus' shifted to Nailani. "No!" Desiree screamed, backing away. "We need to create ties to someone other than Aimee if we want her to live. Unless we don't," I said, it was definitely an option. Joshua hissed in response. "No! You will not let Aimee die!"

"Well, if Aimee's not going, why don't you volunteer?" Desiree sneered.

There was a long silence, Desiree's idea may have worked. "No! Not Joshua!" Aimee screamed. "Aimee's going to die anyways, Joshua! Look at her, for the love of all souls! She's wasting away already, she can't stand. And she wreaks of death," Desiree said bitterly. Joshua backed up as if he was slapped. "No . . . Aimee will live," he whispered emotionlessly.

"Give me the child," Aimee whispered weakly. "Which one?" Joshua breathed. "The bringer of the end," Aimee whispered. The child sat in her arms, staring up at Aimee. "In the name of all that is good, all that is evil, all that is living, dead, or mythical, I banish thee, Aimee Matthews, to an eternity in the fiery pits of Hades!" Aimee screamed loudly. Flame shot up around her and the child, who screamed bitterly. The flames lapped at her skin as she held the child in her arms, holding her to her chest, soothing her. The flame rose up around her, it looked as if it was dragging her down. The flames wrapped around her, like little fingers, but they burned into her skin. She howled in pain . . . and then smiled, victoriously, as she descended. "No!" Joshua shouted, reaching into the flame. His sleeve scorched, and he reached for Aimee, barely missing. "I love you, Joshua!" Aimee's voice called from the thick flame. "Aimee, I love you too! Come back!" Joshua screamed, reaching for her still. He pulled, and the flames pulled, and Aimee's arm appeared through the orange.

We stared on in shock as Joshua fought with all of his might for her, though she had forged her future into stone. Desiree set down Nailani, and leapt in front of the flame, trying to control it. "Joshua, spray her! Now!" Desiree screamed, her voice strained with the effort she was exerting. Joshua obeyed, and Aimee was produced from the flame. Without a baby in her arms. It wailed, screaming it's little head off. Aimee stared into the flame, eyes wide in . . . fear? Fear for a child she had come to love?

"No!" Aimee's arms reached into the flame, searching. The flame stopped, leaving scorched ground behind. Aimee screamed, and lunged at Joshua. He couldn't react, he would hurt her. And he wouldn't ever do that, even as Aimee was brutally killing him for a future murderer.


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