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Alright, kiddos! Here's the deal. Summer is coming to a close and that means no more beaches, mall days, or staying out late to go to the movies, or to party the night away. Yeah, I know . . . I'm dreading the first day of school, too. But, it is going to have to come some day. You can't keep using a red Crayola Washable marker to fake the chicken pocks for forever, you know.

I found it interesting to compare my before-school life to those of other students. Read on, reader!

For me, school starts on August 24th which is only two or three weeks away. When does your school start?

muffenbby: August 21st.
Annalisa: September 1st.
TayBeMeh: September 8th
Sladem4: August 21st.

I hate having to worry. One of the things I have to worry about is pimples. Grr, I hate those red blemishes. But those little bumps are the result of being a teenager and maturing. What are some of the things you need to worry about in school?

X333hb: Teachers being all angry with me over nothing.
DaNcEr967: I worry most about that I'm not prepared for what is coming my way.
Antic: I worry about my grades. Good grades equal scholarships. Scholarships equal going into college without going into debt.
KitKat878: Tests.

One of the things I hate about summer work is the reading. I can do my math pretty easily, but I hate reading. Right now, I am reading Where the Red Fern Grows and With Every Drop of Blood. What are you reading?

mimopwer: A Glory of Unicorns.
alice812: Eclipse and Miles to Go.
maddie936: Chronicles of Narnia.
LostxOne: I don't have to read a book.

One of my favorite parts about the beginning of school are shopping for school supplies. Especially shopping for a new backpack. In my school, I've seen many . . . bizarre backpacks. One of the funniest I have seen was a "Go, Diego! Go!" backpack carried by an eighth grader. My backpack is lime green. What does your backpack look like?

Hera16: It is an over the shoulder backpack with purple straps and different color peace signs.
Antic: It's black with lime green skulls and pink hearts.
Malakrazy: Mine is brown with teal and blue polka dots.
MeetTerry: Navy blue with black and white sides.

How do your before-school activities compare to those of the people interviewed? Go into the BBS and discuss your school, homework, and summer!

To conclude my article I would like to thank everyone who contributed. You guys had such unique answers and I really enjoyed taking the time to talk to you. You're awesome!

Have a brilliant rest of the summer and good luck in school!


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