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A Different Life: Part Ten

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"Hi Sadie," a girl's voice said behind my back. I was unpacking my clothes and things into my new room, which was to myself.


"I'm Jaycie."

I turned myself around to see Jaycie. She had chocolate brown hair that went to her shoulders and her eyes were the same color. Her dark complexion made her look like what her friends would look like at the end of the summer all year long. I felt jealous.

"Hello Jaycie. I'm twelve, how old are you?"

"I'm twelve also."

"Oh . . . that's cool."

"Yeah," she said following a long silence.

I turned back to unpacking my things.

"Would you like to see the rest of the house?" asked Jaycie.

"Yes, I would love to. Well, after I unpack my things."

"You don't need to do that, we have a housekeeper."

"You do?"


Jaycie went over to the speaker by my mattress and pressed a button.

"Yes? This is Jane, and who is this?" asked the speaker.

"Jane, this is Jaycie. I'm in Sadie's room and she thinks she has to unpack her things herself," Jaycie said into the speaker.

"Aw . . . Jaycie, tell Sadie not to worry about it. I'll unpack her things after I put dinner in the oven."


"Buh-Bye now."

Jaycie got up and told me what Jane had said. She grabbed my hand and pushed my through the door.

"Just follow me."

"This is Justin's room," said Jaycie as she opened the door and saw Justin playing video games.

"Justin, here's Sadie. Sadie, Justin."

"Hey, Sadie," said Justin. His voice was full, but deep.

"Hi Justin."

Justin looked like a younger version of Dan, except for his thumbs moving back and forth on the game controller. They were huge thumbs.

Jaycie pulled me out of Justin's room and down the hall to Bridgett's then whispered, "Justin's sixteen. He has no interest in girls, yet. Well, except for that one girl who turned out to be a guy. He never went around looking for girls after that."

I just nodded and pretended that I really wanted to know that, which I didn't.

"Sadie, this is Bridgett," said Jaycie.

"Hi Bridgett."

"I don't know who that voice was," said Bridgett looking at the mirror with her eyes behind the mascara wand, on the bed.

"Bridgett could you get off the bed and actually see whose talking?" Jaycie asked.

"Why? She can see me, it's not like she cares what I look like."

"You could always use the mirror in your bathroom instead of the one beside your bed!"

"I like it here better."


"What Jay-be? Are you whinnying like a little baby?" Bridgett asked in a tone of voice that the parents of a new born baby have when talking to their little one. She turned around and started to search through her make-up bag that she grabbed.

Bridgett look exactly like her mother. Of course, a younger version. Her long blonde hair laid like a river behind her back, and her eyes seemed to sparkle when she was interesting in something, like thinking wheals.

Jaycie said something to Bridgett that she didn't like, I toke this chance to look around her room. The bright, hot pink walls filled the room along with the posters of movie stars, singers, authors, as well as her Sixteen! magazines scattered all over the floor, because of the Sixteen! magazines, I assumed she was, sixteen.

"Jaycie!" a voice called.

"Yes, mom?" Jaycie called back.

"Let Sadie get some rest!"

"How'd you know?"

"I'm magical."

Jaycie turned back to me, "Well, you heard Mom, I'll leave you alone so you can rest."

I nodded and walked back to my empty, white room.

"Sadie, oh it's been too long," said a deep voice.

"Who . . . who are you?" I asked stumbling over words, because of my frighten mind.

"James, your boyfriend."

"James? Boyfriend?"

"Yes," he said wrapping his arms around me. I tried to push my way out of his cage around me. I couldn't, my body was weak from his strength. I felt like my body stumbled and wanted James to just hold me there and take me away. I looked in his eyes. They were exactly like Charlie's.

I opened my eyes with a sudden start. I was breathing heavily, but I wasn't sleeping. I was standing in the middle of my room looking into the picture of my parents.

"Sadie, come down for dinner," Jaycie said to me as she came into my room. She looked at me -- alarmed.

I toke a deep breath. I needed to get this out.

"Jaycie, I feel like I can trust you know."

"Well, that's good to know," she said with a giggle. I sat down on my bare mattress and Jaycie sat next to me.

"I just had a daydream, no, vision of some sort, and there was this guy, James, that said he was my boyfriend . . . which I don't have one . . . and he had the exact same eyes as Ch -- a guy I knew," I was speaking fast, and not in complete sentences.

Jaycie stared at me blankly. She blinked her eyes twice then breathed, "Wow."

I nodded.

She switched her position into a criss-cross-applesauce and then looked at me. "I read an article about visions in one of Bree's Sixteen! magazines."

"Whose Bree?" I asked.



Jaycie went on, "It said visions, like yours, mean that you're fearing something."

"Yeah, I am."

"And that something you're fearing will come soon."

"Oh," I said frightened by that.

"Well," said Jaycie as she jumped up from the mattress and walked towards the door, "On that note, it's time for dinner."


"So, Sadie," said Dave with his mouth full of chili, "How do you like the house?"

"Oh, it's wonderful. Of course I haven't fully met everyone, besides, Justin, Bridgett and Jaycie."

"Of course," said Elizabeth getting up from her chair. "I'll help you right now."

She walked over to two girls who looked exactly alike. Their blonde hair had more curls than anyone could every imagine. Their brown eyes were like the chocolate out of chocolate chip cookies that just came out of the oven.

Elizabeth put one of her hands one each of their shoulders.

"This is Michelle," she said and patted her with her left hand, "and this is Chelsea." She patted her with her other hand.

"Hello Michelle, and Chelsea," I said, smiling at them.

The smiled back and said, "Hi."

"They're twins. Just turned fifteen year old twins," Elizabeth added.

Then she moved onto two boys each with spiked up brown hair and ocean blue eyes.

"Travis and Josh," she informed me. "They were triplets, Seth died at birth."

"Yeah," said Travis. "I wish he was still alive."

"You didn't even know Seth. He died ten years ago," Josh said to Travis.

"So, that still doesn't mean I wish my brother was still alive."

"Anyway," Elizabeth said with a stern look on her face causing Travis and Josh to shut their mouths.

"This is Taylor, she is are little country singer, a just fourteen year old one."

Taylor beamed up. "I'm going to be like Taylor Swift!"

I nodded, even though I never knew who Taylor Swift was.

Elizabeth moved on, and she stood behind Jaycie and another girl who had dirty blonde hair and green eyes.

"This is Jaycie, as you know and next to Jaycie is Bailee. She is the loud one of our group, but shy to other people."

"How old are you Bailee?" I asked her.

"Twelve," she replied her voice sweet, and innocent.

"You and Jaycie are twins?"

"No," she glared at Jaycie. "We are not. Jaycie is turning thirteen in two months despite what she told you."

"I didn't tell Sadie that we were twins! Honest!" Jaycie said in her own defense.

"She didn't."

Bailee shrugged and went back to eating the chili.

Elizabeth pretended that the "Jaycie vs. Bailee" fight never happened and went on to the next kids, two boys.

One of boys had long hair, that was a mixed between light and dark brown. His eyes were like a dark, blue, midnight sky. The other one, had the same eyes, but his hair was a spiky blonde like Travis and Josh.

"Logan is the one with the blonde hair," said Elizabeth.

"Hey," said Logan nodding his head.

"And the other one is Caleb."

"Hey," Caleb said, looking right at me. His eyes twinkled like I was the prize money he won at the lottery. I looked at him straight in the eyes. I felt . . . weird. I quickly turned away and looked at Elizabeth.

"Caleb, remember you're thirteen and Sadie is twelve," Dave hinted.

"Oh, right," he said his voice seemed to get suddenly deeper.

Dave looked at me and it seemed like he gave me the answer to Caleb's weirdness. He liked me.

"This is Harmony," said Elizabeth picking up a toddler with her dark hair in high pig tails. Her green eyes looked like lily pads on a white lake.

"Me, Har-ony," said Harmony.

"Very good!" Smiled Elizabeth.

Harmony clapped her hands.

"And this," said Dan, clearly annoyed that he couldn't eat in silence. "Is our little Matthew."

Matthew was bald. His eyes were a dark, warm brown, and he looked like he was either a year old, or less.

"He's so cute," I said smiling.

"Yes, he is."

"Yes, Dan, you can eat in your silence now."

"Thank you."


"Okay, I think I got this all down," I said. We had finished dinner, helped clean up and we were now sitting next to the fireplace. I was sitting criss-cross-applesauce one the floor, Justin on the coach with Bridgett, Michelle, and Chelsea. Travis, Josh, Taylor, and Jaycie were on the coach across from Justin, Bridgett, Michelle, and Chelsea. Dan, and Elizabeth were sitting on a chair, Dan holding Harmony, and Elizabeth holding Matthew. Bailee, Logan, and Caleb were sitting on the floor next to be, which I couldn't help noticing that he was as close to me as you could without his father noticing.

"Justin and Bridgett are sixteen, and twins," I said crossing my fingers, hoping that I was right.

Elizabeth nodded.

"Yes!" I called out. "Okay, next is Michelle and Chelsea, are fifteen year old twins."

Another nod from Elizabeth.

"Travis and Josh are ten as well as Seth, who died."

"Taylor is fourteen."

Two more nods.

"Jaycie is almost thirteen, but twelve right now, and Bailee is twelve."

"Caleb is thirteen and Logan is . . . "

"Thirteen as well," Elizabeth filled in.

I nodded.

"Harmony is three-ish and Matthew is about a year."

"Harmony is three, really close, and Matthew is ten months."

I counted all the kids their were only thirteen. I counted again.

"There's only thirteen of you," I said looking at Elizabeth.

"Oh! Garrett is at basketball practice."

Lighting struck outside the window everyone jumped expect Dan. He looked at us like we were crazy for jumping at the sound of it. Then the mix of hail and rain came pouring down.

And then . . . someone opened and squeaked the door.

A figure came through at the same time the power went out.

I screamed.

Author's Note: I hoped you liked it. Sorry for the um . . .three week (?) delay. Camp ended up being delayed a week, but that week lots of stuff came up and couldn't get the time to write.


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