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Live Strong, Stay Healthy

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We are now in a world where fast food chains dominate our nations, and varieties of unhealthy, fattening foods are the norm in our school cafeterias, restaurants, and homes. What can we do to stay healthy and strong in a world like this? Dr. Iogan will point this out with a few tidbits of information to keep you strong and healthy.

Eat in Moderation:

Eating a chocolate bar won't kill you. But eating too many of them is certainly bad for you, and will eventually ruin your body and make you very weak and can lead to very serious body conditions. Obesity, diabetes, and cavities are among many of them. Do not eat a chocolate bar a day. Instead, pick two days a week you'd like to eat junk food (make them at least a day apart), and eat a bag of chips or a bag of candy. Don't eat the party sizes, those are for parties. Remember that most deep fried or fried foods are also junk. Cooked vegetables, fresh fruit, whole wheat bread (easy on this), 1% or skim milk (2% is fine, stay away from whole) and whole white chicken breast without the skin are healthy foods. The first two are the recommended dishes, but you should have a balance.

Eating in moderation helps you feel good, and helps you keep those love handles away! The great feeling of being healthy is much better than any pleasure you can get from a candy bar. Fact or opinion, you need to try it.

Tricky Foods:

Low in fat. Low in calories. These things seem good but in essence should not impact your decision to take them in. These "low in, fill in the blank" are what companies use to sell their product. These lines do not make their product healthy. This especially applies to the "chocolate thins". Anything that is packaged is usually not good for you, you need to buy fresh items. Canned items are nice on a frequent basis but those are filled with preservatives.

Organic Foods:

This is a nice substitute for the regular fruits and vegetables, if you have the money. They're generally healthier, but do spoil a lot quicker. The difference between organic food items and regular food items is organics are not sprayed with any chemicals or other harmful materials. As a result, they're better for your body.

Get Your Daily Exercise:

Exercise is also very important. It adds balance to your lifestyle. If you eat healthy but get no exercise, you can still gain some weight (though if you're underweight you can try this). Every day, try ONE thing that can keep you active for a while, something that burns calories. Most things that involve moving around should suffice. A few suggestions would be:

* 1/2 hour of walking, with a person or dog
* 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (crunches, push ups, etc.)
* 20 minutes of running
* 20 minutes of swimming

The above four are great options. Get off Whyville for a bit and take part in these. Over time exercise will become a regular routine of yours, and that is the goal here.

The goal here is not to maintain a perfect body shape. No. That should never be your aim. The aim here is to maintain a healthy lifestyle that you can enjoy with lowered risk of health problems.

So remember: get some exercise, eat in moderation, and eat HEALTHY foods. Any questions can be directed to me. Stay healthy!


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