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Do Not Give Up on Life

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Author's Note: Before jumping to ANY conclusions, read the ENTIRE article. The true message must be read differently than top to bottom.

I give up on life
and I will never say . . .

There is hope for me.
I am positive that
nobody can save me, and no one understands me because
It's despicable to think
this world is a good place and
Great harmony can be reached because
people will always be selfish.
and I do not concur that
earth will be saved from environmental destruction
I will live in a world where
nobody loves me
it is futile to try to say
love is always there for me because
hate is, and will forever be the norm.

and I say to myself that it is useless to say
I will continue living life.

To think is to believe. If you would like to believe the opposite, believe the opposite. If you would like to read this poem in a NEW light, read it in the opposite way.

Author's Note: Hopefully you enjoyed the poem as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you did not figure this out already, you must read the poem backwards. Forwards, the message is negative. Backwards, the message is positive.


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