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Introducing C.A.R.E

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Hey there, Whyville! City Hall here, with a special announcement.

Animals are a huge part of our daily lives. They provide food and clothing, and companionship, and have been used for transport, farming, and construction. They protect us from other animals and our environment. They provide assistance when we are disabled. They help ensure that food, medicines, and the environment are safe for both us and our animal companions.

Animals also serve an important role in biomedical research, and animal research helps to cure serious illnesses and conditions in both humans AND animals.

Whyville has recently teamed up with the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Foundation to bring you the Whyville Community Animal Research Environment (C.A.R.E.), coming soon to our Bioplex. At CARE you can learn the facts about how and when lab animals are needed in research, and how they're cared for in a proper research environment.

The games and information at CARE will show you how animals help scientists in research - and how research, in turn, benefits animals.

Here's a glimpse of the three CARE games:

Habitat Builder -- assemble habitats so that the lab animals stay healthy and comfortable.
Critter Care -- raise your salary by becoming an animal caregiver. Monitor different animals to make sure they're healthy, clean, well-fed, and happy.
AALAS Solitaire -- learn all the steps in the biomedical research process by matching different diseases with different experiments.

We hope you'll visit CARE for a tour, and learn just what these hard-working scientists do!


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