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The End: Part 8

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I felt nothing but pain when Aimee hit me. It felt like a small boulder was launched at me. I felt the air whoosh out of my lungs as I hit the ground. Aimee bit down on my arm, and I yelped in pain. My arm was numb, she probably tore it off. I closed my eyes, and my fingers on the hand I could feel shook. "Aimee," I whispered softly. She snarled as she brought her teeth to my shoulder. I clenched my eyes shut, and then all went numb. Desiree screeched, a bone chilling, high pitched whine. I heard her light footsteps, she was darting from side to side, a common confusion method that always worked.

And then there was nothing.


I launched Aimee across the clearing, off of my brother, a growl that rumbled the trees shaking through my throat. Aimee hissed, baring her teeth, razor sharp, and lunged at me. I ran and met her half way, knocking her back fifty yards. She was subdued, she realized her place here was below me.

Joshua was reassembled, but not alive. "Into you, I breathe life, Joshua. Serve your master, the Lord of Reapers, with pride. Live!" I commanded, slamming my hand against Joshua's chest. He rose, staring at me, with bright orange eyes, instead of his charming green. I looked at my family, and Aimee who sat patiently beneath a tree. "We need to leave. Now," I said firmly. Joshua nodded. "Not a good aura here anymore. There's a gateway to the land below here now, because we banished the child.

At this point, I was holding Nailani in my arms, letting her play with my long hair. She was intrigued, and I smiled at the gorgeous little baby. When Joshua stared down at her, he noticed something strange. "She doesn't look anything like me or Aimee." I stared at the innocent little face, noticing this as well. "She looks . . . Just like Desiree . . . Nothing like anybody else," Aimee whispered. "Because Desiree is her mother, Aimee. Not you. That's why you look like my mother more than you did human, because she took you in," Joshua said simply.

"We have to go . . . I want the Lord of Reapers to know we all exist, before he sends someone to see what the source of this is," I said softly. Nailani snored lightly, and I almost died staring at her. Such a peaceful face, what if he decided we were special, for letting this happen? Or what if he decided we could not be discovered by the few other Reapers?

Joshua darted through the trees, and Aimee was in his arms. I stayed in the treetops, leaping and bounding at incredible speeds with Marcus just behind me. Mom and Dad flew a few feet off of the ground, and Nailani stared around in a daze. She clung to my back, but was infatuated with the whir of the trees, the sound of the rustling leaves, and the chirping of the birds.

Joshua stopped, and put Aimee behind him. "We're in someone else's territory," Aimee whispered. I smelled the difference . . . It was the unique scent of an Angel, pure and clean. I sat down on the branch I had frozen on, and stared down at them. "Stick to the treetops. You'll be fine," I said softly. All of them looked at me. "You have precious cargo. Stay in the middle," Mom said firmly. A soft hiss came from the distance, at least a mile away, and getting closer rapidly. "Run!" I shouted, and darted forward, Marcus running just ahead of me.


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