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A Girl Who's Giving

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Hello Whyville, I'm here to tell you about something that really gets me thinking about the old Whyville. The one where everyone was kind to one another . . . remember? Ah yes, 'twas so long ago.

Well, there's a girl (username Santaseif . . . looks like it says SantasElf though) who's doing a truly wonderful thing for Newbies in Whyville. She's started a program called 1225 Newbies. Obviously you know where the Newbies part comes from . . . but what about 1225? How about I write it as 12/25. Have you guessed now? It's the numbers for Christmas day.

Elf's program is one she has put together herself, and one that is just starting. Her purpose is to give Newbies something to celebrate on Whyville Christmas. She hopes to donate well over 20,000 clams to hundreds . . . even thousands of Newbies all around Whyville.

I'm a close friend of hers on her main account (which she wishes to remain private for the time being), and I know that she is working every minute of her Whyville life to put this together. She goes into chat only to advertise, or to send y-mails to everyone she sees about her program. The rest of the time she is transferring clams from so many accounts it would make your head spin, and playing instant clam games.

This is one of many ways you can give back to the community of Whyville. I for one think charity is a great thing, and what Elf is doing is flat out kind and selfless.

Donations of any kind are accepted, but she only receives clams from Whycash, so that you don't have to pay tax for ClamGram or trading post. If you don't know how to use Whycash, mail her for instructions.

Now, I'll interview Elf to see what she has to say about her own program, and ask her some FAQs. Post any questions you may have that are not answered here in the BBS, I assure you she will answer each one personally.

Me: What gave you the inspiration to start this program?
Santaseif: The other day, I was talking to my parents about how my favorite time of the year was Christmas because everyone got along and was generally more cheery, etc. I got on Whyville and remembered my first WhyChristmas. I remember how abashed I was that Whyville didn't encourage sending Christmas clams and presents to each other. I'm finally taking it into my hands to get this going.

Me: Is there a minimum amount of clams I or anyone else can donate?
Santaseif: Noo! I don't care if you donate 1 or 1 million clams, every clam counts.

Me: How are you planning to advertise this program, and will you encourage others to do the same? Details would be appreciated here.
Santaseif: I have a notice up in my City Records, which is the base of many good programs, campaigns, or anythings else really. I normally use up 20 minutes of each hour I spend on Whyville going into Chat Rooms at random and mailing every user I can a pre-made y-mail, making it as easy as "Paste, send"! I spend another twenty minutes doing the whole advertising in chat thing. If you donate, please say you did simply by putting a message in your city records like this, "I donated to 1225 Newbies . . . have you? Check out SantasEif's City Records for details".

Me: Are you planning on making signs for the program?
Santaseif: Well . . . I'm not exactly the best designer in town . . . in fact I may just be the worst. However, I am looking for sign designers who would be willing to make signs. If anyone willing to design a sign for this is reading the article, please y-mail me for details.

Well, I think we've got the basics covered! As I say, feel free to post questions in the BBS. To cut down on confusion for our busy helper, for every question asked, please make a new thread in the BBS with the title "Questions". Next to where you put "Questions", please put the number of questions you are asking. PLEASE don't ask questions on other people's threads.

Thanks you so much,


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