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Animal C.A.R.E.

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I love animals and I have quite a few of them in my house . . . and so does Whyville! Whyville is introducing a brand new program called Animal C.A.R.E (Community Animal Research Environment). With the help of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science Foundation, Whyvillians can now take care of animals and examine them in their natural habitat!

There are three games you can play:

Critter Care
Habitat Builder
AALAS Solitaire.

Once you enter the giant hamster ball to the far right of your screen in the Bioplex, or simply click Animal C.A.R.E in your destination box, you are in the Animal C.A.R.E lobby. Here, you meet Cindy. Cindy is part of the C.A.R.E laboratory that takes care of animals that are used for experimental research. Cindy, short brown hair in white lab coat and blue scrubs, invites you explore the facility and learn more about how researchers like herself that help animals.

So stick on your name tag, because you are now Researcher (insert name here).

Alright, researchers! Let's explo -- JIMMY GET YOUR HANDS OFF THE FISH TANK!

To your right of Cindy, you find your first challenge called "Critter Care". Here, you come to a series of clip boards labeled Fish, Frog, Pig, Pigeon, and Rat. Click on one of the clipboards and begin taking care of animals! Click on your first tank and determine whether the animal's tank or cage is clean, if the animal is above, below, or average weight, if they are digesting properly, and if their energy level is high or low.

Bylanna, a certified Rat and Fish Caretaker Whyville citizen, thinks Critter Care is a "great, inspirational game".

How do you become an official caretaker? You must take care of 12 animals of one species. Say, if you take care of 12 pigs, your are a certified Pig Caretaker! Did I mention that every time you accurately finish taking care of four of the same animals, you get fifteen clams? Also, every time you become a certified caretaker, your salary increases by 3 clams!

But, don't forget to submit your data to the lab, or else the C.A.R.E researchers won't be able to reward you with your clams or salary increase!

Alright, researchers! Now that you are certified in every category of animals and your salary has increased by 15 clams, we are off to the Habitat Builder! Now, everyone, get in line so we don't loose any -- WHERE'S JIMMY? JIMMY PUT THE PIG DOWN AND LET'S GO!

So now we are in the Habitat Builder and we have two long metal tables and a couple other researchers. The researchers are hard at work assembling cages and tanks. Pick up an object from the bottom table and take it to the correct cage or tank. You earn clams from this game by the number of objects you place in the correct cage or tank.

Ri0txx, a certified Fish, Frog, Pig, Pigeon, and Rat Caretaker Whyville citizen, thinks that Habitat Builder is "fun and it gives you a lot of clams".

Lastly, researchers AALAS Solitaire. Shall we play some car -- NO JIMMY YOU MAY NOT TRY TO FIT YOURSELF INTO THE FROG TANK.

In AALAS Solitaire, group cards that are relevant to each other and learn how the scientific process cures diseases. Create a set of cards, consisting of one Impact, one Experiment, and one Vehicle.

Dalygirl, a certified Fish and Pig Caretaker, like's AALAS Solitiare because it is "a fun game that applies strategy and knowledge".

So, researchers, put on your lab coats and head on over to Animal C.A.R.E. Explore our fun and fantastic new space in the Bioplex.


-Researcher Kelly


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